25 years Ingentis: A story about brave trainees, innovative ideas and evolutionary developments

August 29 2022 | Blog

The future is inextricably linked with origins: Every person, every project, every company and every success is the result of its prehistory. This idea is very important to us at Ingentis. What we have today – over 2,000 attractive customers from all over the world, highly efficient software products for the HR industry and German law firms, a subsidiary in California and a total of over 100 employees – is the sum of 25 years of company history. On the occasion of the anniversary that we are celebrating this year, we are looking back with pride.

From vocational education to self-employment
The year is 1997: six young, brave people are at the beginning of Ingentis’ history. Four of them are still working for the company today with great passion and tireless commitment: Thomas Eichinger, Michael Grimm, Jürgen Kreppner and Wolfgang Schuller. Together they founded Ingentis Software Entwicklung GmbH a quarter of a century ago. One of their motivations was to avoid being transferred to different departments of their former employer and being separated from each other after their joint vocational education. An ambitious undertaking, but one that quickly proved to be a great success. The small IT service provider from back then is now established as a globally operating software specialist and attractive employer in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. 

The evolution of the org chart
In addition to the founders with whom the history of Ingentis is inextricably linked, the company’s story also focuses primarily on the continuous development of the visualization of organizational structures and HR data – you could say (and we are happy to do so 😄): the “evolution” of the organizational chart.

As early as 1997, the year of the company’s founding, the team started with the first ideas for Ingentis org.manager, today the main product of our software house. Initially created as an individual solution for a builders’ merchant from Offenbach am Main, the developers quickly recognized the incredible potential of the organizational chart tool and launched a standard solution on the market in 2001, which immediately attracted great interest.

From the visualization of the current state to a strategy tool
In the early years, our customers used Ingentis org.manager exclusively to display hierarchies in the company, sometimes complemented by contact data in the corporate directory. No question, to visualize responsibilities, to map staffing levels and to show chains of command is important and useful for an organization – but in an ever faster moving world it is no longer sufficient! Rather, HR departments today require in-depth solutions that not only map the current state, but also enable comprehensive analyses, simulate various scenarios, and subsequently simplify strategic decisions  significantly. At the same time, customers want as much freedom as possible in terms of design, interactive usability, and the option of different access rights. All of this is possible today with Ingentis org.manager, thanks to intensive development work that incorporates user feedback and wishes at all times. Our tool for org charts, design and analytics can now automatically determine almost any personnel or company key figure – from gender distribution and demographics to vacancies and absences to budgets and target/actual comparisons – and display it either directly in the org chart, in a dashboard view or as a Big Data visualization. Numerous of our customers have already been able to optimize their processes and make more informed business decisions as a result.

Ingentis Kanzlei Suite: Four modules for smooth day-to-day law firm operations
By the way, the same also applies to our approximately 300 well-known customers from the law firm sector in Germany. With a total of four modules the Ingentis Kanzlei Suite covers everything that is necessary for smooth processes in the day-to-day work of lawyers, auditors and tax consultants. The creation of the first module – Ingentis in.sight – also dates back more than ten years and is based on a law firm’s need to automatically and regularly check DATEV EO comfort for incomplete or incorrect data. The customer conversation at the time inspired Jürgen Kreppner in 2011 to develop the checking and evaluation tool, which – initially intended as a stand-alone solution for the respective law firm – was launched on the market in 2013 with great success. The launch of Ingentis in.plan about six years ago was equally promising. Today, both modules are the driving forces behind the Ingentis Kanzlei Suite, which has been expanded in recent years to include Ingentis in.time for time recording and Ingentis in.board for the visualization of law firm key figures in a clear dashboard.

Not just talking, but acting
However, our law firm team does not rest on its success – and of course this also applies to all our colleagues 🙌! Because if there is one principle that has always applied throughout the history of Ingentis, it is that words must be followed by actions. This hands-on mentality has brought the company to where it is today – and should also lead it into the future. With the software investor Maguar Capital Partners in the background, the new Ingentis Advisory Board at its side, and a broad-based management team at the top, the company’s market position as a leading provider of software for HR management and law firm controlling is to be expanded even further, both at a national and international level. This journey is also characterized by innovation. True to the company’s name: Ingentis is derived from the Latin term ingenium, which means creative talent and inventiveness.

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