An org chart approach to open position management

October 18 2018 | Blog

by Jennifer Utley

Fortunately for us and despite many AI future scenarios ;-), organizations today still highly rely on the human workforce. Consequently, open position management is essential for an organization’s actionability and success.

So, how do you keep a good overview of filled positions and vacancies across your organization? How can you recognize if a position has been open for too long? How do you know how critical the vacancy of a position is?

By visualizing all of this data within your org chart. Here’s our quick org chart approach to managing open positions.

Which visualizations might make sense?

Overseeing every important key figure at a glance – that’s what KPI visualizations are for. Here are some KPIs we consider critical when it comes to managing vacancies and workforce planning.

A first important figure is the number of total positions and, of course, vacancies in your organization. As part of an org chart, these numbers could be visualized per span of control or via org units, e.g. business units, departments or cost centers.

When going deeper into managing open positions, it makes sense to differentiate: What kind of position is this? Is it a key position that needs to be filled as quickly as possible? Is it a manager position?
The idea behind these questions is that if certain vacancies have an enormous impact on the organization’s daily work flows, it’s definitely recommended to visualize them within your org chart to keep an eye on them.

Another idea is to establish a certain amount of efficiency by prioritizing your company’s vacancies by age. Let’s say a certain vacancy has hit the bench mark of 60 days. The urgency to fill this position is probably much higher than that of a vacancy aged 10 days.
Visualize vacancies where a certain bench mark for time applies, e.g. by color code, to be alarmed on time.

Being “on time” can be crucial for another metric as well: Days until a position becomes vacant. Be prepared for an upcoming vacancy with the help of a count down. This leaves enough time to find a successor and prepare the onboarding process.

KPIs within the org chart enable open position management with Ingentis org.manager

How could these visualization look like?

With Ingentis org.manager you have several visualization possibilities and views at your fingertips. For instance, certain KPIs could be displayed as part of the org chart itself. Depending on the KPI, it could be visualized e.g. per org unit (e.g. headcount) or position (e.g. age of vacancy).

If there are too many figures to look at, org.manager also offers a dashboard view. It’s perfect to gain a first insight into several KPIs. Of courses, the design and content are customizable and fully up to you!

Another popular way of visualizing greater amounts of data is via sunburst chart. In this case, color codes can help to highlight different aspects of a company’s vacancies. For example, segments that stand for org units with a high number of vacancies could be colored in red while those without vacancies would take on green.


White paper “Open Headcount Management”

In case you would like to take a closer look at open position management, you should have a look at our white paper Open Headcount Management.

All of the visualizations mentioned above are possible with our org charting solution Ingentis org.manager:



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