Christmas Donations: We Love to Help

December 19 2022 | Blog

At Ingentis, we are passionate about providing assistance where it is most needed. This year, we have been delighted to support various projects – from donating laptops for German classes at the VHS to dedicating ourselves to the Nuremberg Sports Car Charity. 

As we approach Christmas, it is especially important to remember those who are less fortunate and are facing illness, poverty, or other struggles this holiday season. In addition, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to all the volunteers who are vital to the functioning of our society. We support three amazing initiatives that significantly impact our region and beyond. We are certain that their work is invaluable!

Benny The Comfort Bear 
It’s all too familiar—kids getting hurt in accidents in kindergarten, schoolyards, and even out on the roads. However, a parent is not always readily available to provide comfort and reassurance. Kleine Patienten in Not e. V. has taken on the mission of supplying rescue vehicles and accident departments with Benny the Comforter Bear (see photo below right). This cuddly companion is designed to comfort and support injured or traumatized kids during tough times and reduce their anxieties. The initiative is working with parents and rescue personnel to improve first aid for children who have had accidents and provide preventive tips to help avoid such accidents.

Stem Cell Donation
Every 27 seconds, someone on this planet is diagnosed with blood cancer! Time is of the essence when searching for a stem cell donor – find the right person quickly, and their chance of survival skyrockets! The association Hilfe für Anja e. V. makes a valuable contribution to expanding the database of potential donors by organizing various campaigns.

The search is on for a compatible donor for one-year-old Tim of the Nuremberg area, according to Michael Sporrer, chair of the association, who announced the symbolic donation ceremony. Since its founding in 2000, Hilfe für Anja e. V. has successfully encouraged over 66,000 people to donate, thus saving lives.

Promoting Reading for Elementary School Students 
The Lobby für Kinder e. V. association facilitates fast and hassle-free assistance for children in emergencies. Recently, minors who had fled the war in Ukraine were provided with clothing and other necessary donations. The Lobby for Children also supports the youngest members of our society with various projects, such as “1000 + 1 Book” which is designed to counter the unfortunate trend of children growing up without access to books, reading aloud, or the ability to read independently. The Lobby für Kinder e. V. works in tandem with teachers to provide elementary school students with books that will ignite their passion for reading. Vice Chairman Günther Preissler places great importance on supporting local bookstores when making the literature purchase.

Bildercollage zum Jubiläum

Donation handover shortly before Christmas (from left): Michael Sporrer, Chairman of Hilfe für Anja e. V., Günther Preissler, Vice Chairman of Lobby für Kinder e. V., Theresa Kühlein from Ingentis Marketing and Tobias Weiß, Member of the Ingentis Management Board. 
Right photo: Benny the comfort bear of Kleine Patienten in Not e. V.



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Christmas Donations: We Love to Help

At Ingentis, we are passionate about providing assistance where it is most needed. This year, we have been delighted to support ... Weiterlesen