How to Find a Holistic Solution to HR Challenges

January 17 2023 | Blog

Today’s employment landscape is dotted with challenges. Talent shortages, changing expectations and mental health crises have led to an unprecedented exodus of resource. Managing recruitment, addressing why people are quitting against the backdrop of hybrid working and the demands of Diversity & Inclusion has become a very real challenge for organizations of all sizes. For C-Suites, the ability to visualize the structure of the organization, test theories for how talent might be better deployed, or compare structures and resourcing to best practice benchmarks, is lacking, which serves to severely hamper their decision-making.

Ingentis, has worked to bring a holistic solution to this myriad of challenges. Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors transforms the once-static organization chart into a dynamic business tool that delivers the insights and support needed to meet these challenges. This also helps for maintaining essential control and flexibility over how your organization’s talent is deployed. Our solution surfaces current information from SAP SuccessFactors and other data sources and enables scenario modelling to assess the impact of potential organizational changes.

The application visualizes data in the form of advanced org charts (includes a plethora of key metrics along the structure) but also in dashboards, or graphs. Depending on what aspects a customer wants to focus on, our solution can help with Diversity&Inclusion, Talent and Succession Management, Organizational Design, Open Headcount Management, and many more (find an overview of our use cases here).

International enterprises Beaulieu International Group and Hartmann Group are just some of those that have realized the benefits of up-to-date, configurable visualizations of organization charts, workforce analytics and simulation capabilities.

Hartmann Group a leading European provider of system solutions for medicine and healthcare with more than 11,000 employees wanted a holistic overview of its global workforce. By visualizing all employees worldwide in one comprehensive org chart with Ingentis’ solution, the company was able to increase transparency across their business.

With customers in more than 140 countries, Beaulieu International Group, a market-leading manufacturer of raw chemical materials, semi finished engineered products, and floor coverings had a need for varying data visualizations and functionality depending on the target group. Ingentis enabled in-depth insights into staffing structures, with KPIs directly accessible from the org charts and offered different views and functionalities to specific user groups based on their job role and line of business.

An Operational & Strategic Partnership – Ingentis and SAP

Ingentis has worked with SAP for over twenty years, in a partnership rooted in a shared culture of helping our customers tackle their pain points to deliver success.

Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors was one of the first five products in the HR space to receive the SAP endorsed app status, a status that gives customers the essential confidence that the solution has been thoroughly assessed and ratified by SAP. This brings us a unique credibility in our operating space.

Our relationship with SAP also means we are able to evolve what we offer to suit the specific needs of our joint clients. For instance, today having a diversity and inclusion program in place is one of the key drivers of success for organizations. For those serving the federal government, there are further regulations and mandates that are to be followed when it comes to diversity and compliance in the workplace. With our solution, we help organizations, among other things, measure the diversity supported across an entire organization, including the ability to identify those departments that are top performers when it comes to diversity as well as those departments lagging the most in promoting an inclusive workplace.

At an operational level, Ingentis can be in the room from virtually the start if SAP customers hit challenges within our scope. The strategic value of the partnership is in enabling SAP to focus on the enterprise platform that SAP does best, while Ingentis concentrates on a niche, high-value functionality, with these complementary capabilities coming together where we meet the customer. A tool that does all that in a way that is seamlessly integrated with, and supported by, an industry-standard platform like SAP SuccessFactors, is significantly more powerful.

What’s Next?

Organizations need to be able to surface a full range of HR data from corporate systems, visualize it dynamically through dashboards based on existing organizational representations and structures, and model alternative scenarios through those same structures.

We’re currently focused on creating a ‘time to value’ for our clients which is as short as possible. We will build solutions that can be delivered within a matter of hours. This is made possible by us being able to leverage the joint capability of our Ingentis solution and the SAP systems.

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