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HR software add-ons for more than 20 years

Ingentis is composed of a team of over 65 employees working at the headquarters in Franconian Nürnberg. This is where our software solutions are developed and where our Service & Consulting team provides customer support. Since August 2018 our subsidiary Ingentis Inc. in California represents an additional and even closer point of contact for the growing number of potential buyers, customers and partners in North America.

Established in: 1997
Employees: > 65
Offices: Nürnberg and Petaluma (USA)
Customers: > 1,700
Standard products: 8
Managing directors: 4

Ingentis mission statement

Mission Statement Ingentis

Ingentis DNA

We work without red tape and strive for the shortest path to effective solutions for our clients.

We look for sustainable solutions and long-term opportunities.

We enjoy our work and are motivated by new challenges.

Our interactions with customers, partners and with each other are fair and friendly.

Ingentis values

At Ingentis, our efforts are aimed at contributing to the success of our clients.

Team spirit
Our employees form a powerful team that genuinely values the partnership with clients. We are open-minded and communicate at even level with our clients to achieve the best possible solution.
We are proud of being part of the Ingentis family and welcome everybody interested in contributing to our customers’ success with their personal strengths and motivations.

High professional standards and prudence ensure that our clients can rely on a long-term partner.
Sustainable management decisions enable job security for our employees.

Honesty is important to us. We are accustomed to fair and open communication, be it about positive or negative developments.

Ingentis management

Thomas Eichinger

Thomas Eichinger

Sales and Partnering Germany

Thomas Eichinger started his career as software developer and project manager at one of Germany’s leading software providers. During Ingentis’ first years, he was responsible for product management and established the divisions partnering and sales. It was under his lead that Ingentis org.manager became a leading HR add-on on the European market. After being responsible for HR at Ingentis for some time, Thomas Eichinger turned his focus on consulting as well as sales and distribution within the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Company profile of Ingentis    Company profile of Ingentis

Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm

Sales and Partnering International, Product management

Prior to founding Ingentis, Michael Grimm worked as a software developer and later on as a project manager at a leading German software company. As an expert on information systems design and development at Ingentis, Michael was responsible for developing and managing individual software solutions for international customers. In 2002, he transitioned to a new role as head of marketing, international sales and partnering at Ingentis. Michael also was involved in the product management of Ingentis easy.pes and Ingentis org.manager. He has travelled over 30 countries in the past years and has given HR related lectures at various events and summits.

Company profile of Ingentis    Company profile of Ingentis

Jürgen Kreppner

Jürgen Kreppner

Consultancy for tax consultancy and accountants,
Controlling and Personal

Before founding Ingentis, Jürgen Kreppner worked as SQL and DB developer. His main role at Ingentis since 2001 has been the product management of the Ingentis Kanzlei-Suite, a portfolio of software solutions that support tax accountants in their controlling processes. His key responsibilities further include internal finance controlling as well as HR management at Ingentis.

Company profile of Ingentis    Company profile of Ingentis

Wolfgang Schuller

Wolfgang Schuller

Research and Development

Similar to the other managing directors at Ingentis, Wolfgang Schuller startet out as software developer at a renowned German software enterprise. Today, he heads the R&D division of Ingentis. As a technical project manager, he paved the way to success for numerous IT projects. The main pillars of his work are application architecture, data base modeling and conceptual design as well as administrating the IT infrastructure at Ingentis.

Company profile of Ingentis    Company profile of Ingentis

Ingentis timeline – the last 20 years


Market maturity of the Ingentis business rule trigger

Market maturity of Ingentis Business Rule Trigger for Automated HR data updates


Ingentis Receives 2019 SAP® Pinnacle Award

Company profile of Ingentis

SAP® SuccessFactors® Partner of the Year – ISV


5th Ingentis org.manager customer conference at Greuther Fürth


Ingentis solidifies global reach with opening of North American subsidiary

Number of employees: 65


Ingentis' 20th anniversary

20 years Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH Number of employees: 60


4th Ingentis org.manager customer conference at Puma in Herzogenaurach


Market maturity of the cloud-based software orginio

orginio org charting cloud solution


1,000 customers around the globe use Ingentis org.manager

1000 Ingentis orgmanager customers


Opening of the open-plan office in Nuremberg

Open space office Ingentis


Redesign of Ingentis marketing material

Marketingmaterial and Corporate Design of Ingentis


3rd Ingentis org.manager customer conference in Nuremberg

Third Ingentis org.manager Customer conference Nuremberg 800 customers across the world use Ingentis org.manager


Market maturity of Ingentis in.sight

in.sight Ingentis product Number of employees: 50


Market maturity of Ingentis distribution.list

distribution.list Ingentis product


2nd Ingentis org.manager customer conference in Düsseldorf

Second Ingentis org.manager Customer conference in Düsseldorf


Purchase of an office building

Office building of Ingentis in Nuremberg Number of employees: 39


1st Ingentis org.manager customer conference in Frankfurt

Ingentis org.manager Kundentagung 2009


First international trade shows in the USA and Russia

International trade shows Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH

Trade shows in USA: HR Summit Colorado

Trade show in Russia: SAP HR Moskau 


Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner Ingentis


Market maturity of Ingentis easy.pes

Easy.pes Ingentis product First international customer: AIM Healthcare Services, Inc.


First participation with our own exhibition stand at an HR trade show

PERSONAL 2005 in Frankfurt 


SAP certification

SAP Silver Partner Ingentis


Relocation to larger business premises

Ingentis Relocation to larger business premises 

Number of employees: 14


First European customer

mobilkom autria AG


Market maturity of Ingentis org.manager

Ingentis org.manager Ingentis product


First apprentice and Microsoft Solution Provider


First participation at the trade shows CeBIT and Systems


Number of employees: 7


First employee


Company foundation

Ingentis company foundation

Working at Ingentis

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