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In the course of their digitalization strategy the Mainova Corporation was looking for an automated information system to distribute predetermined employee data to executives, employees and committees via email.  At this point in time, the energy provider based in Frankfurt was already using Ingentis org.manager for the visualization of important HR data. The goal of the automated email distribution was, however, to point out specific circumstances promptly and without any searching efforts to those responsible as well as to regularly provide them with standardized reports. This was the kickoff for the development of the automated email reporting in Ingentis org.manager.

The Challenge

Mainova identifies business opportunities in the interconnectedness of data, things and people – this includes successful new solutions and ways of customer interaction on the market, or higher efficiency due to digitally supported processes.

In order to optimize and expand their HR department’s processes, Mainova established an integrated HR information system which provides decision-makers and stakeholders with information tailored to their needs. This includes data visualizations in form of HR dashboards or organizational charts as well as lists with operationally important details for the controlling team and HR business partners.
At first glance, this may not sound very extraordinary or new. The HR managers at Mainova, however, place one specific requirement on the HR information system: The automated and proactive transmission of valuable key figures and indicators to predetermined recipients without the need to first search for and collect these.

In the past, standardized reports at Mainova were regularly collected in Excel sheets, edited and distributed via email or saved on a drive – all manually and taking up a lot of time.
While it was possible to implement the standardized reports with some effort, there was another type of analysis which appeared to be a distant future scenario: The reporting of events, meaning automated information about relevant HR issues. An example for this kind of event would be the exceedance of thresholds such as a defined absence rate. Since these incidents cannot be foreseen and do not occur on a fixed date, their monitoring and reporting could not be done without process automation.

The new org.manager feature was meant to facilitate standardized reports as well as to allow for event analysis.

The Solution

“None of the solutions we were looking at was able to realize our request to send HR key figures, which can be edited as desired, on an event- or time-driven basis to dynamically derived recipients. Only Ingentis org.manager made this possible. Not only does it enable the display of any perspective in full visualization but also the subsequent distribution via email,” recalls Jonas Brauburger, responsible for the HR-IT strategy and the advancement of the HR Processes and Services department’s operational HR application systems.

By deciding in favor of org.manager, a familiar application was chosen. Mainova is already using the organizational charts tool, inter alia, for visualizations, compensation management and for an interactive position respectively job family catalog.

Now, the automated distribution of reports was added to the application. After the export of the reports as PDF files, the application determines the recipients to whom the documents are to be sent and transmits them. By means of evaluation paths and conditions, it is determined, which data is intended for which recipient.

Time-Driven Reporting
Mainova is using the automated distribution in two ways. Firstly, it sends out emails in the form of standardized reports on fixed effective dates.

A typical application for this is the information about days spent in the home office or company anniversaries in an overview table sent to HR business partners or the report of full-time equivalents and headcount mailed to internal accounting. The data is shown monthly and annually cumulated as well as up to the day before the report generation. If the values exceed a predefined threshold, they will also – depending on the analysis – be highlighted by means of a color code as an early alert.

Secondly, Mainova is using this standardized reporting to inform executives about the status of flextime accounts and other key figures of the HR time management such as productive hours or leave quotas of their assigned organizational unit. Again, color codes are used to point out the exceedance of defined thresholds.

Mainova report on time accounts created with Ingentis org.manager
The report shows flextime accounts and highlights those in a critical range.


Report on leave quotas at Mainova created with Ingentis org.manager
The report shows leave quotas for individual employees and departments and highlights those in a critical range.


Event-Driven Reporting
A new component in the HR reporting at Maionva is the event-driven reporting. This does not necessarily happen periodically but when a predefined incident has occurred. In this case, executives receive a notification.

This kind of analysis is used – besides for the mentioned absence rate – for instance when it comes to the topic of home office. Employees have a defined annual contingent within which they can work from home. If there is a risk of exceeding this contingent, notifications will be sent to the assigned executive as well as to the responsible department manager to make them aware of the soon-to-be exploitation by the respective employee.

Another scope of application is the management of absences. Unaccounted times indicate productive times which were not completely counted in the system due to the employee clocking in before or out after the defined working time.

Ingentis org.manager also helps to achieve improved data maintenance. The entry of data into the HR system is subject to some organizational specifications. The native features of SAP HRM, however, allow only for an insufficient presentation of those.

This affects, inter alia, the naming conventions for positions, the allocation of job families or fields of activity, the job information of positions or the right allocation of employee groups between positions and employees. By means of Ingentis org.manager daily consistency checks are performed. If errors occur, the responsible clerk will directly be informed about the affected organizational unit and the type of error.

Future Plans

In the future, Mainova would like to use the functionality of the automated reporting in an even more comprehensive way. Gradually, additional standard notifications are to be established. These will purposefully inform about further operational key figures but also distribute individual organizational charts or lists of first aiders/fire protection assistants.

There is also still need when it comes to the event-driven warnings: For instance, there are plans for notifications when internal staff turnovers occur, for the upcoming retirement in a key position, or vacation days which have not been planned by the end of the year. Also, the distribution of electronic greeting cards for birthdays or anniversaries is currently being internally discussed.

It is our long-term goal that thanks to Ingentis org.manager everyone automatically receives complete HR data which they need for their job. The data is to be transmitted via self-services or broadcasting while considering access authorizations within data protection and the scope of their activity.

Jonas Brauburger
HR IT strategy and advancement of operational HR application systems

About Mainova Corporation

Being Hesse’s largest energy provider, the Mainova Corporation reliably provides more than one million people in the Rhine-Main region with electricity, gas, warmth and water: It supplies energy for the quality of life and the economic power of the metropolitan region dependably around the clock, 365 days of the year. However, Mainova is not only supplier but also energy generator. Amongst others, the Frankfurt Airport, the biggest airport on European mainland, as well as the numerous high-rise buildings of the Main metropolis and the “Server Farms” of the largest internet node world-wide are provided.

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