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May 16, 2019

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Effectively report on open headcount and make more informed business decisions

Just check out our org charting tool Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF!

In our free webinar, we offer an overview of org.manager [web] for SF. We show you how organizations can more effectively manage their open positions. Ingentis has introduced a methodology based on their org.manager solution which leverages org chart/hierarchical based reporting along with providing additional data visualization services such as a sunburst chart, a dashboard view, and data export capabilities for table based reporting. The key to these visualizations is that they provide several key metrics by both span of control and individual org units departments, cost centers, business units, etc. along with visualization rules. This allows you to gather KPIs and spotlight key information to make more informed business decisions.

org.manager [web] for SF  is build on SAP Cloud Platform and creates custom organizational charts from SAP SuccessFactors™ in real time. 

We look forward to talking to you at the webinar!

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