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Find helpful information on human resources management, org charting, workforce planning and HR analytics in the following articles. This area is a work in progress, so always feel free to return in order to find updated information.

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What does people analytics really mean? And how has it driven the emergence of the HR role?

People Analytics, also known as HR analytics or workforce analytics, ranks as one of the most critical priorities by organizations today as the role of HR continues to elevate to coincide with the increasing value and ROI.

What is an organizational chart? And how can human resources benefit from it?

Each individual employee, the different org units and the executives of an organization – all of them rely on HR to provide them with valuable insights to make informed business decisions. Enter: The org chart!

What is human resource management?

Learn more about the nature of human resources, its role and how this has changed over time and what challenges might exist for HR management.

Why you need an organizational structure and how you can visualize it

As an organization’s size grows, the need for more structure and greater guidance increases to maximize employee harmony and effectiveness. An organization structure can help provide clarity and insight.

Everything you need to know about workforce planning and workforce modeling

In order to align HR planning with business goals, it is essential to conduct both workforce planning and workforce modeling. Read here what exactly that means and what to focus on.

What is workforce management?

The goal of workforce management is to keep an organization healthy, competitive, and financially stable from the inside out. It does so by planning the workforce in accordance with current and future projects. 

Organizational design: Understanding and getting started

Organizational design can help companies become more flexible allowing them to react more quickly to changing circumstances. Read more on the topic in this article.

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