What is workforce management?

The importance of workforce management in your organization

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An organization’s source of life is its people. Each and every employee is essential to keep the organization breathing and to keep its heart beating. But for it to survive on the market, efficiency as well as effectiveness are key. That means there always needs to be a close eye on budgets, employees must fill the positions truly matching their talents, and working schedules have to fit development workflows and product life cycles. This is where workforce management steps in.

What does workforce management mean?

The goal of workforce management is to keep an organization healthy, competitive, and financially stable from the inside out. It does so by planning the workforce in accordance with current and future projects. Of course, the organization’s need for the workforce is only one side of the coin. The other side focuses on the needs and the compensation of the staff.
Let’s have a closer look at the different fields of workforce management:

  • Keeping track of an organization’s current workforce composition, e.g., via an org structure visualization
  • Forecasting the necessary staff based on the upcoming workload
  • Calculating and planning the budget to fund the required staff
  • Scheduling of working hours, while considering workload, availability, and absences
  • Monitoring and managing the attendance of the staff
  • Creating reward programs for great employee engagement
  • Payroll management
  • Planning and monitoring vacation and leaves
  • Creating a program for further training
  • Tracking the organization-wide compliance with workforce law

Why is workforce management important?

The answer is quite simple: For the organization and everybody working for it to stay healthy and happy.
Workforce management is here to…


…make sure that no task is taken care of in vain


…avoid double effort


…avoid waiting times in between workflows


…prohibit violations of employment law


…assure an employee is assigned a project that fits her or his talents


…hinder the organization or teams/business units within it to exceed budget limits


…avoid excessive labor of single employees due to a shortage in staff


…ensure the employees’ needs and rights are met

How to get started with workforce management

As you can see, successful workforce management is based on a lot of planning, calculating, and tracking. An efficient way to manage the majority of these tasks is to visualize the corresponding data to create an insightful overview that highlights important key metrics. As visual beings, such illustrations often help us understand the big pictures and where action is needed.

Our org charting software Ingentis org.manager allows for the visualization of org structures and business hierarchies, custom key performance indicators, and also provides insightful graphs for big data. Visit the Ingentis org.manager product page or contact us if you would like to learn more.

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