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Ingentis HR gimmicks

The org chart as an operational tool

Once in a while, when time allows, we would like to share with you why we are so into HR software. For example, when it comes to the efficient use of HR data: The amounts of information that HR departments have to deal with is enormous, and often time is not on their side. But there are a few ideas that might help sifting through all of the data to discover and make use of what is important for the specific situation. For one, org charts are great for that. “Org charts?” you might say aloud in wonder. Let us walk you through it in our news series “Ingentis HR gimmicks”!

When typically thinking of an org chart, people often imagine a family-tree style visualization of their company’s structure that is mainly used to look up somebody’s phone number or last name. But did you know that there’s so much more to an org chart? With the following use cases, we’d like to give you an overview of the full operational power org charts really provide.

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June 09, 2016

Ingentis becomes ‘HR-SUPPORTER 2016’

There are so many HR supporters. How discern their professionality and quality? The German magazine ‘PERSONAL IM FOKUS’ and ServiceValue awarded for the second time the ‘HR-SUPPORTERS 2016’ at the German conference Personal Süd 2016 to bring more transparence into the market. Ingentis was also awarded as ‘HR-SUPPORTER 2016’.

“We are looking forward to this honoring and thank you! It is a good feeling that our efforts are appreciated. Of course, in the future we will also do everything to satisfy our customers”, notes Thomas Eichinger, Ingentis Management.

>> Read more in our press release

May 25, 2016

New Success Story: Flexible HR Dashboards at Hutt City Council

HR dashboards are the current trend. Why? The advantages are transparency, flexibility and user-friendliness. This shows the example ‘Hutt City Council’. With the need to combine extensive HR information in one system, New Zealand’s Hutt City Council turned to the German HR software Ingentis org.manager to visualize the contact details of its 450 employees, together with the organizational charts and floor plans in one HR dashboard.

Read more about this in our new success story!

May 20, 2016

SAPPHIRE NOW: SAP promoted Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF

At SAPPHIRE NOW the SAP AG promoted 10 selected SAP SuccessFactors Extensions running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform – including the Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF. The SAP certified HCM extension is integrated in the SAP SuccessFactors surface and visualizes any structure out of SAP SuccessFactors.

Together with the ASUG ANNUAL Conference the popular SAP event took place in Orlando/Florida from the 17th to 19th of May 2016 and has been visited by around 20,000 guests. Live on stage was even the British band Coldplay.

To present Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF the SAP produced a video, which is from now on available in the Ingentis YouTube channel.

>> Watch the video now!

April 19, 2016

Milestone: Ingentis at the Chinese conference “HR Technology China”

Ingentis has been for the first time exhibitor at a Chinese conference and achieves with its presence in Asia an important milestone. At the HR Technology China in Zhuhai the Ingentis team showed the Ingentis org.manager to his Asian visitors. More than 1,000 customers worldwide trust in the leading solution for automated organizational charts and visual HR controlling. Michael Grimm, Managing Director at Ingentis, is pleased about the positive response of Asian visitors: “The event was professionally organized. We were surprised about the great interest in Ingentis org.manager. The most visitors came from public organizations and companies from the region Zhuhai.”

The HR Technology China took place in the Zhuhai Convention & Exhibition Center from the 13th to 15th April 2016 and was visited by 2000 HR technology decision makers from China and APAC.

March 10, 2016

CeBIT 2016: Ingentis at „Meet Our Partners“ from SAP

CeBIT 2016 is coming soon and Ingentis has been invited by SAP to “Meet Our Partners”. Don’t miss the expert discussion “Innovation the Easy Way on SAP HANA Cloud Platform”. Markus Eckl, Head of Partnering Ingentis, will participate on this exciting discussion at CeBIT’s SCALE11 Corporate Stage on the 16th of March 2016 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Talk to our experts about “Integrated Org Charts from SAP SuccessFactors Solutions on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform”. In a 1:1 meeting Markus and Wolfgang Schuller, CEO Ingentis, will provide you with a detailed presentation of Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF. Save the date: 17th of March 2016, 10:00 to 12.30 a.m.

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February 22, 2016

Ingentis belongs to the Top Employers

Ingentis has been awarded as "Top Employer in Middle Class". In 2015 more than 74,000 job-seekers participated in the survey and selected us from 10,000 employers under the top 10 percent. Klaus Stürzenhofecker, HR Manager at Ingentis, is pleased about the award and positive feedbacik.

Read more about this in our latest press release!

February 11, 2016

Ingentis org.manager meets SuccessFactors

Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF celebrates first successes. The individual, cloud-based org charts have been presented to 120 SAP partners from 20 countries at the SAP SuccessFactors Partner Summit in Walldorf/Germany last week. The solution is running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and can conveniently be launched directly through the SuccessFactors user interface.

The user can select himself or any colleague in SuccessFactors and directly access the org chart. Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF is not limited to only display data from SuccessFactors. Data from SAP or any other system can be merged easily.

>> Get more information in the latest SAP article on page 20!

January 04, 2016

SAP system house T.CON becomes partner of Ingentis

We successfully start into 2016 and we are looking forward to welcome our new Ingentis org.manager sales partner T.CON. The SAP system house which is based in Plattling, Lower Bavaria /Germany, is an innovative consultancy firm whose core skills include the development and implementation of solutions for the products of SAP AG, for example SAP ERP and the SAP Business Suite.

Both medium-sized companies and international groups are to be found among T.CON’s clients. As SAP gold partner, SAP system house and SAP value-added reseller (VAR), T.CON participates in the SAP PartnerEdge Program.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!

December 07, 2015

Do you know our international partners? Presentation of SandFil

Ingentis is also focusing on the Asian-Pacific market with its international partnerships. That’s why we are happy to be at the HRDF Conference & Exhibition with our partner SandFil International. The conference will take place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia from the 8th to the 9th of December 2015.

SandFil is an IT and HR consultancy firm, that is located to Malaysia and Singapore. The company specializes in developing Strategic HR and Talent Management solutions, containing both software and HR consultancy. Its expertise covers Strategic and Operative HR modules from Performance Management to Payroll and HR Analytics.

Jon Pek, SandFil Management, is convinced about the German-Malaysian partnership with Ingentis: “SandFil is proud to be cooperating with Ingentis to open up the Malaysian market. As Malaysian businesses begin the shift to Strategic HR, we believe that our partnership will capitalize on this growth area.”

December 01, 2015

Ingentis supports leukemia and school project

The German organizations “Hilfe für Anja e.V.” and „LOBBY FÜR KINDER e.V.“ show great engagement for several years. That’s why our donation about 1000 € again goes to both associations. The association “Hilfe für Anja e.V.” built up a big database for marrow donors within the last years to help patients with leukemia.  The “LOBBY FÜR KINDER e.V.” supports children from underprivileged or financially distressed families.

November 26, 2015

The Ingentis World Tour 2016

Three continents and five countries – 2016 will be an exciting year of international conferences for Ingentis. The journey goes to Great Britain, China, Germany, USA and France.

The first dates have been fixed:

03/15 - 03/16/2016: HR Tech World, London
04/13 - 04/15/2016: HR Technology, Macau/China
05/10 - 05/11/2016: PERSONAL SÜD, Stuttgart/Germany
10/04 - 10/07/2016: HR Technology, Chicago
10/18 - 10/20/2016: Zukunft Personal, Cologne/Germany
10/25 - 10/26/2016: HR Tech World, Paris

We are looking forward to your coming!

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November 9, 2015

Ingentis travels to the Malaysian HRDF Conference 2015

2015 has been a very successful international year for Ingentis. From the 8th to the 9th of December 2015 we will make our last journey to an international conference for this year. The trip goes to the HRDF Conference & Exhibition 2015 in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. We will be there with our Malaysian partner SandFil International at booth #12 and present you our HCM solutions for Strategic HR, Talent Management and Org Charting.

Learn all about SandFil and Ingentis org.manager! We are looking forward to your coming!

>> Read more about this here!

October 23, 2015

Ingentis: Great show at the SAP Connect 2015 in Frankfurt

“Simply innovate your Business” is the motto of the SAP Connect 2015. An important element is the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Ingentis follows this and has developed the Ingentis org.manager for SF (SuccessFactors Extension) to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Yesterday, the solution has been successfully presented at the partner congress’ demo jam. The org chart software Ingentis org.manager for SF visualizes your data structures in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The flexible design offers big advantages and completely new possibilities. Every structure, e.g. department, cost centers, employees, can be shown on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Even key figures and diagrams can be highlighted in these structures.

Watch the video now!

October 12, 2015

Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

From now on you can find new organization charts and reports on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF can conveniently be launched directly through the SuccessFactors user interface including single sign on. The solution is available on the SAP store and will be presented by SAP in a showcase room at the SAP TechEd Las Vegas (October 19-23) and Barcelona (November 10-12).

Ingentis will show org.manager [web] for SF at the HR Technology in Las Vegas (October 18-21) and the HR Tech World in Paris (October 27-28).

>> Discover org.manager [web] for SF in our brand new product video!


October 05, 2015

Ingentis in Bloomsbury Book: “Leading Innovation, Creativity And Enterprise”

Ingentis is part of the great new book “Leading Innovation, Creativity And Enterprise” from Bloomsbury, the Harry Potter publishing house. The author is Peter Cook from Human Dynamics. The book will be presented from the 14th to the 18th of October at the “Frankfurter Buchmesse”, the most popular German book conference.

The book gives practical inspiration for innovation and creativity in the enterprise and features numerous case examples from companies like Virgin, Pfizer, Roche and Fuji Film. The Ingentis org.manager is part of this: The visualization of organizational structures at Maersk and Deutsche Telekom is shown.

The book will be published on the 25th of February 2016.

>> Pre-order the book here via Bloomsbury!

September 28, 2015

Do you know our international partners? Presentation of Titanium

Do you know the distribution partners of Ingentis org.manager? We would like to connect you. Let’s start with Titanium, which has its headquarters in Paris and Schiltigheim. The French enterprise puts its main emphasis on the improvement of productivity by automating processes. The aim is optimizing marketing potential to identify prospects and to increase turnover by automating processes of sale and analyzing strategic activities. The performance of enterprises has to be improved. To reach these goals Titanium proposes collaborative applications and tools for the administration of customer relations.

Franck Ritter, CEO of Titanium, is convinced of Ingentis solution for org charting: “With Ingentis org.manager you can easily create organizational charts. Thanks to its individualization possibilities and interfaces with your HR software, you always benefit from up to date org charts.”

July 22, 2015

Ingentis Customer Conference 2016 at PUMA CENTER

We proudly announce the 4th Ingentis Customer Conference, which will take place at the PUMA BRAND CENTER in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg, from 15th to 16th of June 2016. In interesting presentations customers will share their experiences they had with Ingentis org.manager. At specific contact points our team will answer to your questions. The event is also a good chance to talk to other customers.

>> And... action! Watch the video now! <<


June 30, 2015

Ingentis supports the sports car charity

To give seriously ill children the chance to be co-pilot of a sports car – that is the idea of the first sports car charity in Nuremberg. The event takes place at the 2nd of August 2015, around five weeks after the popular Noris motor race. The donation goes to the oncology of the children’s clinic “Cnopf” in Nuremberg. In return for a donation visitors of the charity can even drive as a co-pilot in a sports car. Ingentis will be part of the event as a sponsor.

May 28, 2015

HR Technologies for Gen Y and Z

HR technologies of today and tomorrow must be flexible and responsive to the largest demographic groups, Generation Y (millenials) and Generation Z. What characterizes Gen Y and Gen Z? What could be HR solutions for the multi-generational workforce?


April 29, 2015

Great birthday present: 1000 Ingentis org.manager customers

Ingentis org.manager celebrates its 16th anniversary. A great occasion to reach the mark of 1000 customers. In fact, more than 1000 customers worldwide trust in the software for automated org charts and visual HR controlling. The demand covers the whole globe from Germany to Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia, USA and Australia. Especially popular among customers is the flexibility of Ingentis org.manager to visualize every hierarchical structure. The software is already the leading product in Europe.

How it all started - read the full story here!

April 28, 2015

Brand new product video Ingentis org.manager (part 2)

New created. In the second part of our video CEO Mister Miller hammers out new plans about the use of Ingentis org.manager. What is he planning to do? How can HR manager Ann help him?

Watch the great video here!

April 14, 2015

iProConference: exciting SAP expert days in London

Get an insight into the new version Ingentis org.manager 2015 at iProConference, an event of our partner iProCon, in London. The event takes place in Hilton London Docklands from 07 to 08 May 2015. In his presentation Michael Grimm, Managing Director of Ingentis, will show you how to visualize HR data and KPIs along the organizational structure.

Charming chance:
• To ask questions about SAP HCM and HR-add-ons
• To discuss options with experts
• To share experiences with users

Register now!

March 23. 2015

Ready for London’s HR Tech Europe? Michael Grimm about upcoming HR trends

Where are HR technologies taking us? What are innovative use cases of organisation charts? Michael Grimm, Managing Director at Ingentis, gives insights in its HR expertise in an interview with the British online platform HRZone: “Since enriching the pure structural information with communication data like email address and phone numbers most organisations using an automated org charting solution also use the org chart as an online phone directory or who-is-who system.”

Read the full interview from HRZone...

…and meet Michael at HR Tech Europe (Ingentis booth #105) on March 24 and 25 in London!

March 13, 2015

Highlighting errors of HR data in Ingentis org.manager

Have your managers ever spent hours discussing incorrect master data? We can help you. From now on the MB it-Consulting DQ Guardian can be implemented into Ingentis org.manager.  The tool allows you to automate the analysis of your SAP HR master data, highlighting errors for efficient correction while feeding relevant and timely measurements of data quality into the leading org charting solution Ingentis org.manager. The Danish business conglomerate Maersk is already conducting master data quality measurements with DQ Guardian and visualizing results with Ingentis org.manager.

Read more about the DQ Guardian!

January 13, 2015

New product video Ingentis org.manager

From now on you can watch our brand new product video on YouTube. We show you, how the HR manager Ann profits from the new version of Ingentis org.manager.

Watch the video now

05/ December 2014

Ingentis opens creative open-plan office

At Ingentis the enclosed rooms with more than 500 square meters have been fitted out into a creative open-plan office. It’s the new workspace for more than 30 software developers. The working islands are fitted with height-adjustable desks and the newest technologies. Great plants and a big screen, showing a city motive of Nuremberg, decorate the new office. A red VW bus serves as meeting room. Wolfgang Schuller, Director at Ingentis, is pleased about the creative office: “One of our values is called team spirit and it should be possible to live this value. The new open-plan office offers a creative atmosphere with short ways to the next colleague.” As early as October 2013 the concrete planning has already been started. The room situation had to be improved, because there wasn’t enough space any more.

24/ November 2014

Ingentis helps needy children

It was not easy for Anja. At the age of two years her pediatrician stated “Morbus Farquhar”, a serious illness of the hematopoietic system. Anja had much luck – thanks to “Hilfe für Anja e.V.” (help for Anja association) a marrow donor could be found in 2011. The association built up a big database for marrow donors within the last years. Ingentis will donate 500 €, so that much more severely affected patients can find the right marrow donor. 

Furthermore, Ingentis will support “LOBBY FÜR KINDER e.V.” (children association) for the fourth time in a row. The association helps children from underprivileged or financially distressed families. An amount of 500 € will be given to the project “1000 + 1 book”. To bring back reading motivation to primary school classes of “Dr.-Theo-Schöller-Schule” in Nuremberg, a big book pack will be provided. A total of 3700 books has already been donated to 93 classes.

23/ October 2014

Ingentis Entry in a New Look

The Ingentis entry has a new look. Christian Krieger and Pascal Germovsek, both at Tribegas Aerosolart, projected the Ingentis mission statement onto the wall. From now on, the values success, team spirit, security and honesty decorate the entry area. “It’s very important for us that the common adopted mission statement is always present and being lived”, notices Jürgen Kreppner, Management of Ingentis. “The new wall art should convey the Ingentis values externally.”

06/ October 2014

Ingentis org.manager at Maersk

The HR department of the Danish business conglomerate Maersk sees the convergence of enormous data volumes, which need to be brought into an organizational structure and which form the basis of personnel controlling procedures. By an SAP implementation Ingentis org.manager was brought to the attention of Maersk.

29/ September 2014

Meet Ingentis at Personal Hungary for the first time

Ingentis will be exhibitor at Personal Hungary for the first time. The exhibition for human resource management takes place at Budapest from 12-13 November 2014. We will be on location with our partner Perbit HR Magyarország Kft. and show you our newest software versions Ingentis org.manager 2014, Ingentis easy.pes 2014 and Ingentis distribution.list 2014.

We’re pleased to be part of one of Hungary’s most popular HR conferences. Just take a stop at our booth. We’re looking forward to your visit!

01/ September 2014

Ingentis at HR Technology and HR Tech Europe 2014

At the international conferences “HR Technology Las Vegas” and “HR Tech Europe Amsterdam” we proudly present you innovative features of our HR-Add-Ons supporting HR managers in their daily work.
Meet us in Las Vegas from 10/07/14 to 10/10/14
or in Amsterdam from 10/23/14 to 10/24/14.

We’ll exhibit with CogentIBS, our international sales partner. In Las Vegas our partner OfficeWork Software will also be on location.

A highlight is Ingentis org.manager 2014, the leading software solution for visualizing organizational charts and HR data. The new version has numerous, useful functionalities – among other things a free configurable user interface and new diagrams. One particularity is that with Ingentis org.manager 2014 any hierarchical structure of an enterprise can be mapped. This means not only personnel structures, but also data from other divisions, e.g. distribution or process structures, can be visualized.

At the booth we also show you our assessment center software Ingentis easy.pes 2014. The software for planning and analyzing assessment centers and personnel development seminars has been expanded especially in the field of “evaluation”.

Learn also more about Ingentis distribution.list 2014, our tool for intelligent email distribution list management.  With Ingentis distribution.list, email distribution lists can be created, managed, and automatically updated. In the version 2014 a completely new authorizationapproach is available.

06/ August 2014

Ingentis easy.pes 2014 Scores with New Features

In assessment centers and personnel development seminars detailed evaluations play an important role. Ingentis easy.pes 2014 offers numerous features of evaluation. The assessment center software now contains new evaluation functions which depict participant assessments even more clearly. A general overview per participant is available even at the assessment recording stage.

Furthermore, competencies, criteria, completed exercises, strengths, weaknesses and the overall assessment for each and every participant can be summarized in reports.

The profile comparison function now offers even more design potentials. The evaluated competencies and criteria can be compared both in a network diagram and in the traditional line diagram.

Ingentis easy.pes 2014 delivers even new reports in the preparation phase of assessment center events and seminars.
A schedule overview, info sheets with descriptions of the criteria, as well as group rating sheets are now available.

31/ July 2014

Ingentis Summer Event

The Ingentis summer event has been very successful. This year, the managing board invited to the Enterprise Olympics in Etting near Ingolstadt. In 10er teams we mastered the sporting activities Geo-caching, canoeing, cross-golfing and various Bavarian disciplines. Finally there was a stop to the grill buffet.

24/ July 2014

Ingentis Team at B2RUN 2014

At 07/22/2014 the Ingentis team had a lot of fun at the business run of Nuremberg (B2RUN). The Ingentis runners had a successful start and finally reached the top 20 percent (rank 255 out of 1414 teams).


2/ July 2014

Intelligent Email Distribution List Management with Ingentis distribution.list 2014

Email distribution lists are a useful tool for quickly and easily sending messages to a specific group of recipients. With Ingentis distribution.list, email distribution lists can be created, managed, and automatically updated.

The new Ingentis distribution.list 2014 offers a completely new authorization approach. Within the application, different authorizations and functionalities can be configured for the users. The assignment to distribution list groups makes it possible to limit user-specific authorizations to specific email distribution lists in Ingentis distribution.list.

An SMTP proxy is also new. In addition to the possibility of synchronizing email with existing mail systems, distribution lists can also be reached using an independent email address in the SMTP proxy. Email to distribution lists can be sent as usual using the existing email client (such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes).

07/ May 2014

HR Data Ready to Go

In the special issue of SAP Tools HR Performance (03/2014, S.13), we present the planned introduction of Ingentis org.manager [mobile] with our customer Ratiodata IT-Lösungen & Services GmbH. In the article the main features of the iPad app for visualizing organizational structures are shown.

9/ April 2014

Meet us from 21-23 May 2014 at SAP HR Nice

Visit us and our partner CogentIBS at SAP HR2014 at the "Nice Acropolis Convention Center" in Nice from 21-23 May 2014. We proudly show you Ingentis org.manager 2014 and the add-on Cogent mPower mD – a Mobile Corporate Directory App for iPhone and Android devices. Furthermore we present you Ingentis distribution.list. This excellent software automates your e-mail distribution lists updates and optimizes your e-mail distribution.

Just meet us at booth 215. We are looking forward to your visit!

11 / March 2014

Ingentis at black&white night 2014

black&white night 2014 has been very successful. The event was organized by “house meets charity e.V. “ and “Martin-Luther-Haus” (an organization offering support for young people) at Nuremberg on March 7, 2014. An amount of € 12,000 was donated to the project “Nicht mit mir” (Not with me) which helps children in difficult living situations.

On location were Michael Grimm and Jürgen Kreppner, both Directors of Ingentis (photo). “We are looking forward to be a sponsor of the black&white night for the third time and to support social projects in the region of Nuremberg”, states Mr. Kreppner.

Photo (Horst Linke): left side Jürgen Kreppner (Director Ingentis) with daughter Lea, conductor Alexander Shelley, Michael Grimm (Director Ingentis) and Wolfgang Fischer (house meets charity e.V.)

10 / March 2014

Meet us at SAP Forum Moscow 2014

The largest SAP business-conference of Russia, SAP Forum Moscow, takes place at 10th April 2014. With our partner ASAP Consulting we will be on location and show you Ingentis org.manager 2014 with its fantastic features.

Visit us at Crocus Expo at ASAP Consulting booth #S18! 

5/ February 2014

Visit us from 11-14 March 2014 at SAP HR Orlando

Visit us and our partner CogentIBS from 11-14 march 2014 at SAP HR2014 Orlando at the "Walt Disney World® Swan and Dolphin". SAP HR Orlando is a trade fair for HCM interested users and decision makers. We proudly show you Ingentis org.manager 2014 and the add-on Cogent mPower mD – a Mobile Corporate Directory App for iPhone and Android devices. Furthermore we present you Ingentis distribution.list. The software automates your e-mail distribution lists updates and optimizes your e-mail distribution.

9/ January 2014

OfficeWork Software Becomes Partner of Ingentis

OfficeWork Software becomes partner of Ingentis.  The Californian software house will mainly support sales of Ingentis org.manager for North America, Australia and United Kingdom.

"We are excited to be working with OfficeWork Software. Their reputation in the global marketplace and extensive client base gives us a proven and dedicated partner", said Michael Grimm Managing, Director of Ingentis. "The OrgChart desktop org charting software is a good fit with the org.manager enterprise solution."

3/ January 2014

Municipal Business: Ingentis org.manager Used by the City of Mannheim

Our article about "Modern city administration -- Maintaining a continuous overview of key personnel data" appeared in the current edition of the magazine "der gemeinderat" (01/2014, p. 33). Together with our customer, the City of Mannheim, we presented the capabilities of Ingentis org.manager for municipal business.

der gemeinderat is an independent magazine for municipal management and has remained an important source of information over 56 years for city administrators, officials and municipal procurement offices. 12,000 copies of the journal are distributed throughout Germany.

9/ December 2013

Ingentis Supports the Tutoring Project of LOBBY FÜR KINDER e.V.

Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH has invested a third time in the efforts of LOBBY FÜR KINDER e.V.. €1500 was donated to the Einstein Project, an initiative in cooperation with Schülerhilfe. Assistance is provided to children experiencing educational difficulties who are from underprivileged or financially distressed families.

14/ November 2013

Ingentis Sponsors "black&white night 2014"

Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH is again a sponsor this year of the "black&white night" which will take place on March 7, 2014 at the Nürnberg "Terminal90". The profits will be used to assist children in difficult living situations. The "Nicht mit mir" [Not with me] project will help them deal with the trials of daily living and cope with conflict situations.

30/ October 2013

Revolutionize Your Organizational Charts

In our latest press release we show you how to identify talented employees and fluctuation risks in HR data using Ingentis org.manager. Both are criteria to remain competitive and innovative in times of demographic change and small talent pools.

30/ October 2013

HR in a World of Big Data

In our newest press release we present you the subject “HR in a World of Big Data” and overview how to manage a personal and organizational structure with Ingentis org.manager, when the endless flood of data does not stop. 

1/ October 2013

Ingentis org.manager 2013 Customer Conference

Thank you for visiting us! 

The third Ingentis org.manager customer conference was a great success this year with more than 100 guests. We took great pleasure in the many visitors and their lively interest in product innovations and practical examples.

"The entire Ingentis team would like to express in its heartfelt thanks to all visitors of the org.manager customer conference in Nürnberg. Your participation left us with memories of two exciting days full of many interesting discussions. We were exposed to a host of novel ideas and suggestions, and look forward to ongoing collaboration with our customers", states Michael Grimm, Executive Manager at Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH.

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