5/ December 2014

Ingentis opens creative open-plan office

At Ingentis the enclosed rooms with more than 500 square meters have been fitted out into a creative open-plan office. It’s the new workspace for more than 30 software developers. The working islands are fitted with height-adjustable desks and the newest technologies. Great plants and a big screen, showing a city motive of Nuremberg, decorate the new office. A red VW bus serves as meeting room. Wolfgang Schuller, Director at Ingentis, is pleased about the creative office: “One of our values is called team spirit and it should be possible to live this value. The new open-plan office offers a creative atmosphere with short ways to the next colleague.” As early as October 2013 the concrete planning has already been started. The room situation had to be improved, because there wasn’t enough space any more.

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