2/ July 2014

Intelligent Email Distribution List Management with Ingentis distribution.list 2014

Email distribution lists are a useful tool for quickly and easily sending messages to a specific group of recipients. With Ingentis distribution.list, email distribution lists can be created, managed, and automatically updated.

The new Ingentis distribution.list 2014 offers a completely new authorization approach. Within the application, different authorizations and functionalities can be configured for the users. The assignment to distribution list groups makes it possible to limit user-specific authorizations to specific email distribution lists in Ingentis distribution.list.

An SMTP proxy is also new. In addition to the possibility of synchronizing email with existing mail systems, distribution lists can also be reached using an independent email address in the SMTP proxy. Email to distribution lists can be sent as usual using the existing email client (such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes).

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