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5/ August 2014

Assessment Center and Personnel Development Seminars under Control

Ingentis easy.pes 2014 can Score with a Host of Innovative Features 

Which participant performed best during the seminar as a whole? How should this participant be classified in the overall average? At most assessment center events and seminars, numerous evaluations and assessments are gathered on the participants. Comprehensive statistics and evaluation potentials are essential to this process.
Ingentis easy.pes 2014 offers a lot of new features for evaluating assessment center events and seminars. The assessment center software now contains new evaluation functions which depict participant assessments even more clearly. A general overview per participant is available even at the assessment recording stage. You can see at a glance how a particular observer has assessed the participant across all criteria.

In addition, the reports that have to be created for each participant at the end of the seminar have been completely reworked. Competencies, criteria, completed exercises, strengths, weaknesses and the overall assessment for each and every participant can be summarized in these reports. To achieve this, text modules – depending on the nature of a criterion – or notes from observers can be uploaded directly from the assessment matrix, in which the evaluations were entered, into the report.

The profile comparison function now offers even more design potentials. Up to 12 participants can be graphically compared to one another. The evaluated competencies and criteria can be compared both in a network diagram and in the traditional line diagram. The colour and structuring of the points illustrated can be individually defined.

Not only the features for evaluation have been significantly expanded. Ingentis easy.pes delivers even new reports in the preparation phase of assessment center events and seminars. A schedule overview, info sheets with descriptions of the criteria, as well as group rating sheets are now available for assessing several participants at the same time. All documents can be printed out as a complete package, both for observers and for participants.

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