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15/ May 2014

Assessment Centers Gaining Acceptance

Efficient planning and evaluation with Ingentis easy.pes 

Assessment centers are gaining increasing acceptance. It is a preferred method for selecting and evaluating potential managers to determine their performance and capacity for teamwork. For personnel managers, setting up assessment centers is generally an arduous task. To start with, exercises, schedules and evaluation forms need to be created. The results then need to be statistically evaluated. Ingentis easy.pes helps you prepare, implement and evaluate assessment centers and personnel development seminars. The user-friendly application quickly generates clearly-organized user profiles. The results are used in assessors' meetings in which records are compiled. 

Creating exercises

Exercises are the primary component of each assessment center. How many participants, assessors and role players will be participating in the exercises at the same time? Do preparations and reviews need to be scheduled? Personnel managers can enter all of these seminar options in Ingentis easy.pes. The locations of events, evaluation systems and skills for assessment can also be incorporated. Data that are the same for all assessment centers only have to be entered once. 

Generating schedules

In preparation of the individual assessments, personnel managers enter the number of participants and observers in the Seminar Assistant.  In the following step, exercises and facilities are selected. Press a button, and the schedule is generated for the entire assessment center. The schedule can be individually adapted if desired. For example, exercises can be changed, training sessions can be postponed, or pauses can be inserted.

Entering participant profiles

To see which participants most closely approximate the target profile, each participant can submit a self-assessment regarding the criteria under evaluation. These are entered into Ingentis easy.pes to enable a comparison with actual performance after the end of the seminar. In addition, an employment or target profile can be entered. As a result, assessments can be easily entered and evaluated. Users determine the sequence in which of participant and observer evaluations are entered, and the evaluation forms do not need to be presorted.

Creating statistics and reports

Which applicant best meets the requirements? A review of the statistics helps provide a fair assessment of the applicant and is a key element of observer conferences. Ingentis easy.pes generates individual and comprehensive statistics as well as participant profiles (see fig.1). The strengths and weaknesses of individual applicants are revealed in a comparable form. Reports can be automatically created for the participants which can be individually adapted at any time. The report includes the evaluated criteria, professional expertise and behavioral qualifications as well as personal characteristics. 

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