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8/ May 2014

HR Data Ready to Go

Apple iPad app visualizes organizational structures and position plans

What does an organization structure look like? What positions are presently unoccupied? Questions such as these are common in HR discussions. With the Ingentis org.manager [mobile], the required information can be retrieved quickly and easily on an Apple iPad.

With Ingentis org.manager [mobile] organizational charts and position plans can be easily accessed at any time (see fig.1). Photographs of individual employees and managers are also included. The logo and color of the app is also tailored to the corporate design. 

Detail view and employee directory

In addition to organizational units, employees and positions, the app can also display details on individual employees such as their telephone number, e-mail address and department. Information can be quickly and easily retrieved using the search function. This means that users always have a complete telephone book and employee directory at their fingertips. Touch an item in the search hit list to display the individual in the organizational chart.

Diagrams of key personnel data

With Ingentis org.manager [mobile], it is also possible to graphically portray data in diagrams such as gender distribution, age structure and average age of a department in bar charts.  Touch the position box to get an employee's average absences or vacation time taken (see fig.2).

The app can be individually adapted - diagrams can always be expanded with any data from HR systems. It is also possible to depict personnel key figures from successor planning and talent management such as the performance and development potential of individual employees. The data to be displayed can be taken from nearly every format (such as Excel, CSV, ODBC, etc.). 

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