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20/ December 2013

HR in a World of Big Data

Overview your Organizational Structure with Ingentis org.manager

The endless flood of data does not stop at the door of Human Resources. The many documented HR processes are causing the amount of data to balloon. The task now is to glean and process the most important information from all the available data. HR has been given an opportunity to create added value in the age of Big Data.

Data pools are rarely exploited to their full capacity

Managing "big data" has become a live issue that is especially relevant in large companies. By properly managing big data, enormous amounts of information can be insightfully processed at lightning speed. The management of data is essential to HR. However, HR data is often not evaluated and visualized appropriately. The potential of the available data exists, but it is not fully exploited. The advantages of big data are not utilized to the great detriment of the organization. With Ingentis org.manager an overview of the vast quantities of HR data can be obtained.

Insightfully process and depict HR data

The potential of existing personnel and performance data can be tapped when the data is presented in comprehensible manner, and one way of doing this is the company organizational chart visualized with Ingentis org.manager. HR employees as well as managers are provided with an overview of organizational units, positions and employees. The personnel and organizational structure as well as relevant personnel data can be presented in the organization chart. This allows unoccupied positions to be identified. Furthermore, additional information such as the e-mail address, telephone and room number can be output in the employee list. By evaluating relevant personnel indexes through HR reporting in the organization chart, gender distribution, age structure, staffing levels, etc. can be visualized with just a few clicks. This HR data can then be evaluated in real time to provide clarification - an important tool in generating personnel indexes.

Future prospects

Exploiting big data in Human Resources, for example by attractively visualizing data, poses a significant opportunity for personnel departments and companies. This is an opportunity to glean more value from HR data and to make it easier to evaluate. The trend to exploit big data in Human Resources will only increase in the future.

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