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1/ September 2014

Ingentis HR-Add-Ons Facilitate HR Work

Meet Us at HR Technology Las Vegas and HR Tech Europe Amsterdam

At the international conferences “HR Technology Las Vegas” and “HR Tech Europe Amsterdam” we proudly present you innovative features of our HR-Add-Ons supporting HR managers in their daily work.

Meet us in Las Vegas from 10/07/14 to 10/10/14 or in Amsterdam from 10/23/14 to 10/24/14.
We’ll exhibit with CogentIBS, our international sales partner. In Las Vegas our partner OfficeWork Software will also be on location.

A highlight is Ingentis org.manager 2014, the leading software solution for visualizing organizational charts and HR data. The new version has numerous, useful functionalities – among other things a free configurable user interface and new diagrams. Furthermore, several charts, for example org chart and position plan, can be displayed simultaneously. One particularity is that with Ingentis org.manager 2014 any hierarchical structure of an enterprise can be mapped. This means not only personnel structures, but also data from other divisions, e.g. distribution or process structures, can be visualized. Besides, the chances of visualization in the web have been expanded tremendously. Data are available in real time and professional scenarios can be enabled within the web browser.

At the booth we also show you our assessment center software Ingentis easy.pes 2014. The software for planning and analyzing assessment centers and personnel development seminars has been expanded especially in the field of “evaluation”. Participant assessments can be depicted even more clearly. You can see at a glance how a particular observer has assessed the participant across all criteria. In addition, the reports, summarizingcompetencies, criteria, completed exercises, strengths, weaknesses and the overall assessment for each and every participant, have been completely reworked. Furthermore, the profile comparisonfunction now offers even more design potentials. 

Learn also more about Ingentis distribution.list 2014, our tool for intelligent email distribution list management.  With Ingentis distribution.list, email distribution lists can be created, managed, and automatically updated. The recipients are identified using flexible conditions based on information from a higher-level system (such as a HR or CRM system). In the version 2014 a completely new authorizationapproach is available. Within the application, different authorizations and functionalities can be configured for the users. An SMTP proxyis also new. In addition to the possibility of synchronizing email with existing mail systems, distribution lists can also be reached using an independent email address in the SMTP proxy.

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