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22/ October 2013

Modern City Administration

Organization and Key Personnel Data at a Glance

How can a municipal organization and personal structure be best incorporated in an organizational chart? How can important key personnel data be uniformly processed, evaluated and administered? Municipalities are increasingly being confronted with these questions. 

The City of Mannheim took on the task of developing a clearly organized organizational and personnel structure. Lord Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz wishes to develop the Mannheim city administration to one of the most moderns in Germany. The path to this goal was entitled "CHANGE² – Change squared". One aspect of this reorganization process is the creation of a management information system. This system will provide managers with relevant administrative information.

An important step towards a management information system for the city of Mannheim is the ability to visualize key personnel data. All of the personnel data for the city such as average age, rate of part-time employment, budget consumption or staffing levels are depicted in the form of a diagram by Ingentis org.manager. The diagrams (such as bar charts) can be displayed directly in the organization chart. The organization chart depicts the organization structure of the city. 

HR employees and managers can survey the organization structure and output important key data. In addition, they can identify unoccupied positions in the organization chart which can be exported as an employee list. Important information such as the e-mail address, telephone and room number can be output in the employee list. This allows personnel data to be flexibly handled. 

Ingentis org.manager is linked to the human resources management system of the city. All HR data from this system are available to be visualized and evaluated. Graphics and data can be directly exported from the program and inserted in presentations or text documents. "The pushbutton visualization of uniformly defined key personnel data is an excellent basis for business discussions", notes Rolf Krause, Project Developer for Personal Organization in the City of Mannheim. "We can evaluate HR data intelligently with reference to our organizational structure.”

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