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3/ January 2014

Revolutionize Your Organizational Charts

How to Identify Talented Employees and Fluctuation Risks in your HR Data

Is the key question for your company how to remain competitive and innovative? This question becomes especially important as the number of available experts decreases. How does a company maintain strength in times of demographic change and a small talent pool? One important criterion for remaining competitive and innovative is the ability to identify and retain talented employees. Once this is accomplished, half the battle is won. Some companies, however, are unaware at the highest administrative level where the best talent can be found for specific tasks from within the company's own ranks. With Ingentis org.manager an overview of the vast quantities of HR data can be obtained. Personnel and organizational relationships can be depicted so that qualified employees are identified within the company's structure. In addition, key employees are identified who are endangered by business fluctuations. This enables a rational approach to planning for succession as well as ensuring competence.

Find qualified employees in your HR Data
One essential element in hands-on, effective HR management is determining which employees have the greatest development potential. Which employees possess particular expertise and contribute significantly to the success of the company? High-performers who are capable of development need to be identified, and an overview of the personnel and organization structure needs to be retained. Frequently, the data is available to achieve this, but there is no way to display the data in a structured manner since the data is (for example) captured by different systems. One way of combining this
information is the potential performance grid in Ingentis org.manager. This grid can be directly visualized in the organization chart (see Fig. 1). The matrix displays performance as well as the development potential of individual employees. Furthermore, additional employee and performance details such as absences (Abs.), utilized vacation time (Leave) and overtime (OT) can be shown.

Identify fluctuation risks early on
One final question: How high is the risk of loosing these important employees? Is there a danger of them leaving the company? One option is to depict with Ingentis org.manager the fluctuation risk in the organization chart by using color to highlight employees or positions with a high risk potential. At the same time, successor planning is initiated to find a timely replacement for employees who are likely to leave. Appropriate successors can be directly displayed in the organization chart to help with successor planning. It is also recommendable to display the availability of appropriate successors.

The identification of talented employees and fluctuation risks can be an important step to more competitiveness and innovative capability. Therefore an overview of the personal and organizational structure can be useful. The highlighting of qualified employees and positions with a high fluctuation risk in organizational charts helps companies to initiate measures for employee retaining early on.

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