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Imprint & Privacy Policy

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Website publisher

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Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH
Raudtener Str. 7
90475 Nuremberg (Germany)

Tel. +49 (0) 911 98 97 59 -0
Fax. + 49 (0) 911 98 97 59-99

Registered as a business at the
Company Registry of Nürnberg/Nuremberg (Germany), Reg. No.: 14491

Fiscal ID number
DE 186953155



Thomas Eichinger, Michael Grimm, J├╝rgen Kreppner, Wolfgang Schuller


Postbank Nürnberg
IBAN: DE64 7601 0085 0413737 858


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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies for the entire website, but not for pages of other providers to which we may be linked. We have no influence on whether their operators comply with the data protection provisions.

Security concerns

We have taken a number of precautions to protect your data. We are choosing not to disclose details so as to keep our structures safe from attack. The legislators therefore also stipulate, in the interests of protecting your data, that the individual technical and organizational measures are not made public. However, we give our assurance that we have taken numerous measures pursuant to § 9 Federal Data Protection Act in order to protect and continuously improve your data.

All of our company's employees are trained in accordance with § 5 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and obligated to data secrecy. Our IT Department continuously adapts the technical security precautions in line with current situations and requirements. Both are subject to ongoing control by our system administrators and the data protection officers.


Each time a user accesses a page on our website and each time a file is retrieved, access data about this process is saved to a log file on our server. 

• IP address
• Pages, from which the file was requested
• Date, time
• Browser type and browser settings
• Operating system
• The sites you have visited
• Transferred data volume
• Access status (file transferred, files not found etc.) 

Generated from these data are statistics with Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Yandex Metrica that help us continually adapt our Internet portal to your requirements. No reference to a particular person can be derived therefrom; data, including extracts, will not be disclosed to third parties.

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Information and correction rights of stored personal data

Pursuant to §34 and §6b BDSG, users are entitled to obtain free-of-charge, on request, information regarding the personal data saved about them. Users are also entitled, subject to statutory requirements, to correct, block and delete such personal data.


We use cookies on our website. The use of cookies offers you the benefit of not having to enter your personal data each time you fill out various forms on our website.

A cookie is defined as information that a web server sends to a browser and the browser then returns when this webserver is accessed. Cookies expand the stateless hypertext transfer protocol by the option to save information between retrievals. A distinction can be drawn between persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are permanently saved (on the hard disk for example), while session cookies are saved only for the duration of a session.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. However, you can deactivate cookie saving or set your browser to notify you as soon as cookies are sent.

Processing personal data

At certain places on our website, we give you the option of contacting us or making use of certain services (e.g. newsletter subscription). We use the personal data transmitted in the process only for the singular purpose for which you surrender such data.

Data transmission

If we are unable to process your enquiry ourselves, we shall forward the data to one of our partner companies. If you are making your enquiry from abroad, we may also forward your data to one of our partners for processing in your particular country.
When forwarding your data to partner companies outside the EU, we are mindful of the existence of corresponding data privacy policies.

Personal data are collated and transmitted to official institutions and authorities only under the terms of mandatory national regulations.

Deletion of personal data

Personal data which are not required to be retained are deleted or blocked within 6 months of their serving their purpose and/or the end of the contractual relationship.
We shall delete or block for further use data under a retention obligation, depending on data type, pursuant to the legal provisions (e.g. HGB).
Data will always be blocked if deletion constitutes disproportional technical or organizational effort.

Amendments to this data privacy policy

We shall update this data privacy policy - as necessary - based on current situations, e.g. amendment to the Federal Data Protection Act.

Version: 2015


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