HR Controlling

Visualize key figures along the organizational hierarchy

Ingentis org.manager empowers you to easily calculate personnel or corporate statistics and to deliver visual reporting through organizational charts. Whether size of the workforce, gender distributions, analysis of demographics, utilization ratios, budget reconciliations, or employee absences - our software generates easily comprehensible HR reports with the help of diagrams and tables.

Besides data from the personnel management system such as SAP HCM, information from other divisions such as Finance, Marketing or Production can also be considered. That way org charts can become an effective strategy tool for workforce analytics. 

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Human resources analysis – rules and charts

Human resources analysis – rules and charts

Define rules to determine how objects (e.g. organizational units, positions, employees) are displayed based on arbitrary data. To highlight information the user is free to replace data points with symbols or colours. Integrated chart functions enable the presentation of key performance indicators such as capacity utilization, budget plans, etc. in a personalized and informative way. Various chart features (e.g. bar chart, pie chart) are available, thus turning your org chart into a management dashboard.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Bring your org charts to life with symbols and icons. Visual information about who is responsible for example for first aid, fire, or other unique circumstances is just a couple of mouse clicks away.

A comprehensive overview via charts

Charts enable a quick overview of your company and can yield vital information about absences, turnover, or discrepancies between budget and actual figures. With Ingentis org.manager manually generated charts will be a thing of the past.

Management performance figures

Management performance figures

The access protection add-on allows you to decide which information should be available to which employee via the Internet browser. The freely selectable arrangement of the contents also permits the creation of a Management Cockpit or Dashboard. Vacation days, details for shift planning, overtime and absences or qualifications can be shown in a compact, up-to-date format. Allowing you to create your own ESS/MSS portal!

Employees and Failure-to-Enroll-Rates

Use Ingentis org.manager to estimate employment figures for departments, or entire sections from a specified organizational level up- and downwards within your company. Similar calculations can of course be carried out for vacant positions or part-time roles.

Absences – the right diagnostic

Analysis of absences contains vital data points for the HR department. While indeed informative, data can often be unclear when presented in tabular format, which is why Ingentis org.manager strives to provide a comprehensive image that allows to spot trends and areas where action is required.

Gender distribution

Gender distribution can be a sensitive topic and has gained attention at the most senior levels of corporations. Do you know the distribution within your company? manager has the information for you; precise, visual, and always up-to-date.

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