Flexible Display Options

Org charts on your PC, tablet or smartphone 

Ingentis org.manager offers several display options. All versions carry many features which enable a smooth visualization of your organizational charts. The user interface can be customized easily and e.g. a hierarchy tree, detail view, object list or freely editable containers can be added. Extensive print-, search-, and export functions complete the package.

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org.manager [win]

org.manager [win]

The desktop version org.manager [win] is designed for power users who want for instance to launch Ingentis org.manager directly out of the leading HR system, review changes on the design locally first or provide organizational charts on the fly to colleagues. Individual request for organizational charts with an altered design and content can be met as well by e.g. providing a navigable PDF document.

Compatibility with all Microsoft Windows Versions

Runs on all standard Windows versions – both, 32 and 64-bit. Optimized for terminal servers and other centrally controlled installations.

Extensive print function

Define headers & footers, size and format, and layout of your organizational charts. From printing previewed sections of charts, up to printing comprehensive booklets of your organisation, Ingentis org.manager has your needs covered.

Flexible arrangement and display

Set up the org.manager viewer to suit your particular requirements. Which windows do you need? How many levels are to be displayed? Which functions ought to be available? The choice is yours.
org.manager [server]

org.manager [server]

The HTML version org.manager [server] enables the effortless publication of your company’s org chart; entirely automated and cross-platforms via web browser. Therefore, users can access information from any type of device. Thanks to a responsive design each device is recognized automatically by the system, so that a smartphone- or tablet-adapted resolution is available. An additional security module can grant restricted access to specific sections of the org chart or to certain information levels on a user-by-user basis. For example reports and KPIs can be individually provided to executives and HR managers. An integration into your existing intranet or web portal (e.g. Sharepoint or SAP NetWeaver Portal) can be accomplished easily.

Comprehensive functions

Numerous search abilities allow for comfortable navigation through org charts. Via the “hot-spot” function the user can also be directed to external sites. Other functions include the ability to export org charts into PDF-files.


Seamless integration

Flexible design and layout option in the HTML version enable adaption to match the corporate design of your existing web portal. 

Swift publication

The HTML version permits simple and swift publications of organograms via web browser. This way, employees are assured access to relevant information no matter where they are.
org.manager [web]

org.manager [web]

org.manager [web] displays information, which is being provided from real-time data feed by leading HR systems, in a web browser according to your pre-defined authorization configuration. The design and layout of the HTML pages itself can be modified to match the corporate design of your company. Especially for data centres or "software as a service" org.manager [web] is the right choice.
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