Ingentis continues to count on strong partners: orginio now on the Personio marketplace

June 24 2021 | Press releases

Munich meets Nuremberg – The two software companies Personio GmbH and Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH start a partnership to further simplify daily business for their joint customers in the future.

While Personio, with its all-in-one HR software of the same name, focuses on recruiting, personnel administration, and payroll, Ingentis’ products enable the automated creation of org charts and the possibility to model what-if scenarios based on the current organizational structure.

Just like the Ingentis cloud application orginio, Personio is ideally suited for small- and mid-sized companies. The partnership and the resulting integration of Personio and orginio enable perfect interaction between the two products.

“Time is something that almost everyone is short of these days. With our software solutions, we want to relieve customers of tedious, lengthy tasks. The partnership with Personio means that our common customers will be able to digitize and automate their HR processes even further in the future, saving even more time,” says Michael Grimm, CEO at Ingentis.

Org charts from Personio automatically generated with orginio
orginio can access relevant HR data in Personio and thus automatically display the current organizational structure within minutes. Important key figures can also be displayed along the hierarchy to facilitate HR controlling. Based on the current situation, it is also possible to model structural changes simply via drag-and-drop and evaluate their effects in advance. Neither the original org chart nor data in Personio is changed by the modeling activities.

Both Personio and Ingentis aim at digitizing and simplifying time-consuming HR processes with their software in order to provide companies with more time for essential things. The partnership helps both companies to advance this project together in the future.

orginio can also be found on the Personio marketplace:

Partnership between Personio and Ingentis



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