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You’ve made changes to your SAP SuccessFactors core data?
Let us help you trigger an automated update!

Wouldn’t it be great if changes or additions made to your core HR data in SuccessFactors could be passed on automatically to all linked child objects across the structure? Or what about updating structural information in an automated manner? 

Ingentis business rule trigger enables the propagation/inheritance of modifications made in HR master data along structures within SAP SuccessFactors – just like it works in SAP HCM!

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Ingentis business rule trigger identifies new or edited objects and executes the “edit and save” action for all linked objects within a configurable evaluation path – triggering your SAP SuccessFactors business rules. This process can be scheduled or initiated manually.

Typical events covered by business rules include:


Validating data entry

Triggering workflows


Sending error messages

Setting default values

Calculating values

Propagating data

Business rules in SAP SuccessFactors are, however, only executed following the pull principle. Consequently, new information is not pushed down to other objects along the structure.

This is where Ingentis business rule trigger steps in, triggering objects to pull updated information from higher levels, if applicable.

Customer Success Story: How Mainova AG benefits from Ingentis business rule trigger

“Restructuring requires lots of data sets to be updated. Using Ingentis business rule trigger with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, we can accomplish work that used to take one or two days to do manually in just ten minutes.”

Jonas Brauburger, Specialist HR-IT Systems at Mainova AG

How mainova benefits from Ingentis business rule trigger

Highlights of Ingentis business rule trigger 


Reduced manual effort regarding data maintenance and validation


Great flexibility due to business rules configured by customer


Built and runs on SAP Business Technology Platform


Improved data quality


Fast creation and bulk edits of data


No coding required

Use Cases – How Ingentis business rule trigger works

Due to default settings, structural edits in SAP SuccessFactors require you to manually adjust all associated child objects – until now!

Ingentis business rule trigger notices changes in your data and triggers child objects to pull updated information. Consequently, the whole organizational structure is updated from top to bottom and across the hierarchy. No more manual work required!

This way, Ingentis business rule trigger not only saves you lots of time but also contributes to improved data quality.


Ingentis Business Rule Trigger: As a default structure changes in SuccessFactors might require manual action. The Ingentis business rule trigger automates the maintenance and update process.

The information that Bernd Sander becomes the new head of the HR Business Office department is not passed on along the structure. Manual action is required.

Ingentis business rule trigger for the automated maintenance of HR data in SAP SuccessFactors

Ingentis business rule trigger notices the change and triggers child objects to pull new information. The structure is updated automatically.

Ingentis business rule trigger: Automated data update of cost center change

Cost center changes can automatically be transferred to all child departments and linked positions with Ingentis business rule trigger.

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If you’d prefer to discover or acquire the Ingentis business rule trigger via the SAP Store, that’s possible, too! 

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