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Planning of assessment centers

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Planning of assessment centers

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Assessment center software – convenient, fast and clever

Plan, organize and evaluate assessment centers or HR personnel development seminars with Ingentis easy.pes. When preparing these events, the software helps you prepare the data necessary for a smooth workflow. This data can include information about observers as well as about exercises, criteria and the participants’ skills. Afterwards, a schedule is automatically generated.

After the assessment center or seminar, a user-friendly, intuitive interface enables the easy capturing of the assessments. In addition, Ingentis easy.pes offers extensive evaluation options. You will also be able to create reports with references to the competencies, criteria, strengths and possible areas of development of the participants.

Typical application scenarios for Ingentis easy.pes


Preparing an assessment center or seminar

Prior to your event, you can capture permanent data in a one-time process and reuse it for comparable occasions. In addition, the Wizard creates schedules, handouts and target profiles.


Data collection during the event

With Ingentis easy.pes it’s easy to quickly add the often numerous and comprehensive assessments to your system. An assessment matrix and result conditions pave the way for a quicker analysis in the end.

Assessment Center evaluation

Depending on the goal of your assessment center or seminar, you can choose from a variety of target profiles. It’s possible to amend this selection by further statistics.

Generating your final reports

In order to conclude the assessment, create reports with the help of text modules from the aassessment matrix.

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