Evaluating assessment centers
with Ingentis easy.pes

Given the large number of evaluations, it is essential to have comprehensive statistics. Ingentis easy.pes offers numerous analysis capabilities. This is the only way to guarantee realistic and fair assessments of participants. In general, these analyses are not to be understood as a final result of the assessment center. Instead, they should be used as basis for further discussion, e.g. in an observer conference.

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Participant Profile / Profile Comparison

A participant profile / profile comparison displays the ratings in relation to the evaluated competences and skills for one single participant or for several selected participants as a line graph. Strengths and areas of development can be detected at a glance and then be discussed, also in comparison to other participants. Furthermore, Ingentis easy.pes offers individual design possibilities for a profile comparison with a maximum of 12 participants. The participants’ values are shown in differently colored lines.

Ingentis easy.pes profile comparison line diagram

Participant Summary

Ingentis easy.pes: participant summary

This report provides a quick comparison of all participants by listing them in a table, starting with the highest score. The report includes the highest and lowest rating, average and standard deviation as well as overall ratings for the seminar for each participant. Each page is concluded by the seminar’s overall average and standard deviation.

Participant criteria matrix

This evaluation shows all mean values per criterion per participant at a glance. The participants are sorted from left to right, based on their numerical assignment.

Ingentis easy.pes: participant criteria matrix

Participant rating matrix

Ingentis easy.pes: participant rating matrix

The statistics show all ratings of a participant in an overview. The ratings are assigned to the exercise, criterion and the observer. This way, the user can immediately see how an observer has assessed the participant in an exercise with respect to a particular criterion. The evaluation is rounded out by:

  • a rating distribution (how often did the participant receive which rating)
  • the averages per competence
  • the average for all individual and group exercises
  • the overall average and
  • the standard deviation for the participant.

Observer individual statistic

Assessment centers that are manually evaluated often lack sufficient feedback for the observers as their assessment is not evaluated. Ingentis easy.pes offers the possibility of visualizing how often a certain rating was given by an observer. In addition, ratings for each participant are shown as a bar graph as well as the seminar’s overall ratings, indicating percentages as well as the total amounts for each rating registered

A third illustration indicates average and standard deviation for this observer.


Ingentis easy.pes: observer individual statistic

Observer Summary

Ingentis easy.pes: observer summary

The observer summary provides a summary of the observers’ individual statistics, allowing for an overview of all of the observers’ assessments. This can be used as basis to improve the observers’ performance for the next seminar.

Additional statistics and reports

As mentioned above, Ingentis easy.pes is a customizable software product. Adding reports or changing the design of built-in reports to your liking is possible at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you and about your ideas!

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