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Ingentis has had the opportunity to prove its expertise in more than 1,500 org.manager projects.

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How do customers use Ingentis org.manager?

Learn more about the different ways Ingentis org.mananger has facilitated HR processes by visualizing HR data.

Success Story of Ingentis org.manager at mainova

Automated email reporting of HR analyses

Automated Reporting: The Mainova Corporation uses our new org.manager feature for automated email reporting of time- and event-driven ... Read full success story

Ingentis org.manager Success Story: Easy modeling of alternative organizational structures at Neptune

Easy modeling of alternative organizational structures at Neptune

ORG MODELING: The modeling of org structures is an important feature Neptune uses to see how business plans can be met. Read full success story


Insurance provider VKB implements new streamlined processes

ORG CHARTING: org.manager has enabled the VKB to improve the efficiency of their internal processes measurably by creating automated, ... Read full success story


The Vancouver PD’s way to perfect org charts

ACCESS PROTECTION: With org.manager, the Vancouver Police Department found the right software for access protected org charts based on ... Read full success story


A clear organization structure at Maersk

ORG CHARTING: The Maersk HR department chose org.manager to bring enormous data volumes into an organizational structure and for ... Read full success story


Intuitive org charting with org.manager at Nu Skin

ORG CHARTING: The introduction of org.manager immediately resolved Nu Skin’s primary issues: The software integrates with SAP HCM and ... Read full success story


Creating a flexible HR dashboard at Hutt City Council

HR DASHBOARD: With the need to combine extensive HR information in one system, New Zealand’s Hutt City Council turned to Ingentis ... Read full success story


Transparent structures at the Rewe group

ORG CHARTING: REWE evaluated all software solutions available on the market. Seamless SAP integration, easy operability, intranet ... Read full success story

Org chart design and workforce planning at Heraeus with Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors


As part of its business transformation, leading portfolio company Heraeus models organizational structures with our org charting software for SAP SuccessFactors Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors. The organizational chart creator from Ingentis enables them to simulate new org structures based on existing SAP SuccessFactors data.

Testimonials by Ingentis org.manager experts

Customer statement by Beaulieu International Group on Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF

With SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors, we can support HR decision-making and help executives make informed staffing decisions that enable the business to grow successfully.

Geert Boone
Beaulieu InternationalGroup

Ingentis org.manager has quickly provided us with a user-friendly single source of truth for contact details, floor plan and organizational chart details.

Rob van Endt
Hutt City Council

It’s wonderful to have an HR tool that is this intuitive and easy to use.

Georgia Ogles
Nu Skin Enterprises

Due to the plug-and-play functionality, implementation did not take longer than just a few hours!

Ralf Hinkenjann
REWE Group

Ingentis org.manager has enabled us to achieve measurable efficiency enhancements of our internal processes.

Michael Eder
Versicherungskammer Bayern

Ingentis org.manager’s seamless SAP integration and the easy-to-use approach is absolutely unrivalled!

Tobias Schellhaas

Ingentis org.manager offers the possibility to perform any kind of simulation and visualize different future scenarios. Thanks to adjusting KPIs, this simulations are enriched by a cost analysis.

Uwe Schilla
Edeka AG

Ingentis org.manager has been well accepted, the organizational charts are comprehensible and displayable in an easy way.

Roland Polte
Dräxlmaier Group

The email and telephone functionality makes communicating directly from Ingentis org.manager exceptionally easy.

Peter Linden

The Ingentis org.manager was very well received by our employees.

Michael Jocham
RHI Magnesita GmbH

In the truest sense of the word, Ingentis org.manager is a plug & play solution that is easy to integrate into the SAP system.

Markus Schlesiger
Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH

Ingentis org.manager is much more than a simple software for organizational charting. It provides uniformly defined personnel figures for all organizational units and has become a valuable tool.

Maik Heinermann
Stadt Mannheim

Software introductions can be fun. The training was held confidently and well prepared. The positive approach, deep knowledge of the system and helpfulness were very well received by us.

Julia Härtfelder
SEMIKRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

The response to our new organizational chart solution has been overwhelmingly positive. The introduction was completely smooth and the cost and time frame was fully observed.

Gail August
Vancouver Police Department

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