Role-based permissions
with org.manager

In addition to creating conventional organizational charts, org.manager Suite software offers a controlling and reporting function to display performance figures and critical information throughout the company hierarchy. Usually, such data is only intended for managers and not every employee.

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Define the access rights for your org chart

Running on the SAP Cloud Platform, org.manager [web] for SF can conveniently be launched directly through the SAP SuccessFactors user interface including single sign on. All permissions defined in SAP SuccessFactors™ are taken into consideration for the org chart visualization. So you do not need to concern about a separate access protection add-on.

The user-friendly interface of the org.manager on-premises add-on enables the fast configuration of roles in order to manage individual access rights based on the data of your leading HR system. For example, managers usually receive extended access rights to organizational charts that contain sensitive information like KPIs. This information is blocked for the regular staff. Additionally the access right can be configured for hierarchical information such as ‘from one‘s own department only‘. The options presented on the right, or combinations thereof, are available:

Grant or deny access to organizational charts


Activate or lock attributes


Structurally limit or expand access

Activate or lock print, search or export functions

Grant or lock simulation rights

Cross-platform availability – on every device

You can conveniently retrieve the organizational charts cross-platform via a web browser – from your PC, tablet or smartphone. The defined access rules are considered individually for every user. As a result, only the released information is visible. This makes Ingentis org.manager a powerful addition to an existing ESS/MMS scenario, or the first step in successfully creating a new one.

Authentication via Single Sign-On

The organizational charts are accessed via Single Sign On, for example through the Active Directory Account. If an employee accesses the application via a web browser, Ingentis org.manager will recognize the person‘s position within the organization and display the respective charts based on the access rules.

Highlights of the access protection add-on

Simple control
of access authorizations

Flexible control of print,
search or export functions

Cross-platform access
from any device

Ideal solution
for an ESS/MSS scenario

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Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF introductory webinars

Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF special topic webinars

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