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Typical use cases for org charting and visualizations with Ingentis org.manager

When and where HR data visualizations help your business make informed decisions

When and where does org charting and HR data visualization with Ingentis org.manager make sense? Here are some use cases to give you an idea. As long as it’s in your data source, it can be visualized to help you stay on top of your data and make informed business decisions.

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Recent studies show that companies that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace are more successful. Ingentis org.manager helps organizations measure the diversity supported across an entire organization.

Open headcount management

Within an organization, the importance of having visibility into all open positions along with KPIs is paramount. In order to help organizations more effectively manage their open positions, Ingentis org.manager enables org chart/hierarchical based reporting along with providing additional data visualizations.

Managing the aging workforce

In order to effectively manage the aging workforce, a clear understanding and measurement of those eligible to retire, and when, is key. Here’s how Ingentis org.manager can help your organization measure the composition of your staff.

Organizational change

Org modeling charts measurable change to help drive efficient and favorable business outcomes. Ingentis org.manager provides a simulation mode that takes a snapshot of your current org structure, so you can create multiple what-if scenarios to come up with the optimal organizational plan.  

HR data visualization - Identifying the meaning of your data

Just like every other business area, human resources has to deal with an enormous amount of data. The question is: What is the quickest way for everybody to understand your HR data, however complex or extensive it may be? How can one easily identify what is important and what is not? We believe: The visualization of HR data is the answer.

Corporate directory - Increasing employee engagement with Ingentis org.manager

We find today’s corporate directories falling short of the role and benefits they can provide to an organization by following a few simple design principles. Learn how Ingentis org.manager can help increase employee engagement based on different views and news feeds.

The Importance of Managing Flight Risk and Succession Planning

The global pandemic has turned our world upside-down. With things slowly returning to normal studies predict a “turnover tsunami”. Ingentis org.manager can help you face the storm.

Organizational effectiveness - A result of of good organizational design

Organizational effectiveness is key for organizations to become and stay successful. Let us show you how Ingentis org.manager supports you in achieving it.

Data Clean-Up

Having a clean set of data is crucial not only but especially in the context of data migration. Ingentis org.manager – with its broad feature set – supports companies every step of the way and beyond.

Managing HR in disruptive times

When times become uncertain it is crucial for companies to maintain a clear overview of their data to be able to make informed business decisions. Here are some use cases showing how Ingentis org.manager can help.

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