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Managing HR in disruptive times

Maintaining a clear overview to make informed business decisions

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Managing costs in uncertain times

When times become uncertain, it is often one of the first steps for companies to look for ways to reduce costs. In order to analyze possibilities to cut expenses in Human Resource Management, having a clear overview of the company’s structures and knowing where costs and liabilities lie, is crucial.

Ingentis org.manager not only displays the organizational structure but also key metrics of the entire workforce including headcount, employee hours, leave balances and salaries. Easily evaluate the impact of options such as freezing hiring, postponing promotions or seeking voluntary agreements to reduce excessive leave balances.

The software can also support figuring out for which positions it would be reasonable to reduce hours or in which org units headcount could potentially be cut.

In addition, the powerful simulation feature enables the evaluation of various business model scenarios as well as the effects of changes on key figures, such as costs and liabilities, as they are updated automatically in the reorganization process.

Managing HR in disruptive times: Get a quick overview of data with Ingentis org.manager

Big data visualization, for instance in the form of a Sunburst Chart, and relevant visualization rules allow to see e.g. all positions that exceed their assigned budget at a glance.

Managing HR in disruptive times with Ingentis org.manager - Determine search criteria

The detailed search function allows for quick identification of employees matching certain criteria. Costs caused by potential measures are updated in real time while in simulation mode.

Being able to react quickly

Extraordinary situations create new responsibilities – also for organizations. During and after a global pandemic as in 2020 businesses can go one step further in trying to better understand the risk of infection transmission and susceptibility throughout the workforce. This necessitates the collection of additional employee data. In addition to the aforementioned location information (working from home fully, partly, or not at all), this may include recent travels, commute possibilities (e.g. own car, carpool, public transportation) and family compositions. It can even go as far as accumulating basic health information, such as vaccinations or other medical conditions that could influence the risk of infection transmission or susceptibility. Collecting and storing this type of extended data, however, requires employee consent.

Ingentis org.manager can support companies in gathering and visualizing this kind of information to have a better idea of infection risk for each employee as well as an overview of who is able to work from home and to what extent. This can be especially useful should another outbreak occur in the future as it allows for companies to react quickly by having the available information at hand.

Visualize additional employee data with Ingentis org.manager to react quickly in disruptive times

The responsibility to adequately secure employee data, including enhanced data, remains paramount. Ingentis org.manager offers an access protection feature for sensitive information. Thereby data can be stored and displayed in ways to which employees have specifically consented. Even though the collection of this new data may require some effort, it comes with the added benefit of being able to keep the workforce safe more easily.

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