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Creating org charts based on SAP HCM with Ingentis org.manager

Organizational charts created with Ingentis org.manager are based on your HR data. Be it from an Excel/CSV file, a directory service, a database or an HR system.

This list of course includes the SAP HR system SAP ERP HCM.

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Plug-and-play connection to SAP’s HR system

Ingentis org.manager interfaces with the SAP Human Capital Management system through a powerful function module. The function module is able to read data from PA, PD and OM. This includes custom objects, relations, attributes and even infotypes as well as the entire default data set provided by SAP HCM. The function module can either operate on a scheduled task base, pushing information to Ingentis org.manager or Ingentis org.manager requests the data from the function module via web service. If the required data is not available in SAP HCM, additional freely scalable ODBC, CSV and LDAP interfaces enable linkage to any other data feed.

Easy implementation and customization of the SAP HCM function module

The implementation of the SAP HCM function module is straightforward without any tedious customizing or extensive programming necessary. Next to a preconfigured data extract, this flexible interface also enables individual info types and arrays to be identified and processed. An implementation guide (IMG) allows for easy modification of the module to suit individual requirements.

Org charts straight out of SAP’s HR software

Ingentis org.manager can be launched straight out of SAP Human Capital Management via its Managers Desktop, PPOME, and PPOSE. It goes without saying that SAP data can also be processed automatically and visualized in a chart without user intervention.

Automatically created org charts can be made available to all employees via a browser based output. This includes also the configuration of a role based access based on the information available in SAP (i.e. only managers can see KPIs).

Workforce management based on your SAP data

Ingentis org.manager: Diversity KPIs visualized in the org chart

At the beginning, Ingentis org.manager was developed as an org charting software – which of course it still is today!

But in addition, the solution can visualize more than just hierarchy structures, providing you with a greater insight into your HR data in SAP ERP HCM. Understanding what this data really means helps improve your efforts in workforce management. Visualized KPIs and lines, Dashboards and Big Data graphs highlight vacancies, successors, upcoming retirements and the success of your diversity and inclusion management efforts.

See our page on HR controlling & People Analytics to learn more about how org.manager is also a workforce management software that can complement SAP HCM perfectly.

Org charting in SAP SuccessFactors:
Different SAP solution but still compatible with the Ingentis org.manager Suite

When more and more software companies started to turn towards the cloud, Ingentis decided to develop an org charting extension designed specifically for SAP SuccessFactors. The organizational chart software extends the feature set of the cloud HR system SAP SuccessFactors, allowing for users to realize more individual requirements.

If your company is maintaining their HR data in SAP SuccessFactors and you are looking to generate your org charts in a more customized way, have a look at our solution: Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors.

Ingentis org.manager web for SF running on SAP Cloud Platform

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Find out more about the partnership between SAP and Ingentis

In the past years, Michael Grimm and Wolfgang Schuller, founders and Managing Directors of Ingentis, as well as Markus Eckl, Global Head of Strategic Alliances & Partnering, had the pleasure to be interviewed by SAP several times. Learn more about their experiences with being a part of the SAP Partner eco system, the power of the SAP Store, and advanced workforce management with Ingentis org charting tools in these videos.

Membership in the International Association for SAP Partners e.V.

As member of the International Association for SAP Partners e.V. (IA4SP), the only independent institution for companies in the SAP Ecosystem, we are actively contributing to its organization. In doing so, we are not only sharing our extensive experience but also benefit from the exchange and expertise of other SAP partners. This way we always stay up to date regarding developments or changes in the SAP environment.

Ingentis membership in the International Association for SAP Partners

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