Keeping an Eye on the Health of the Organization and Its Employees

The browser-based extension »HR Insights Board« is aimed at HR, organizational development, and management. With the clear dashboard, you always have an overview of the health of the organization and its employees: Information displayed includes age structure and gender distribution, vacant positions, and the distribution of employees and positions per structural level. Unwanted – because potentially unhealthy – developments can be identified immediately and remedied by countermeasures.

Overview of the »HR Insights Board«

Daily dashboard for HR, organizational development, and management

Key figures provide insight into the health of the organization and its employees

Identify undesirable actions and remedy them through countermeasures

Key figures of individual org units compared to the company as a whole

Visualization of org structure through minimized and expanded dashboard view

Org units are accessible via search or by clicking on the sunburst chart

Screenshots of the »HR Insights Board«

The following screenshots provide a first impression of our »HR Insights Board« extension.

Dashboard With All Relevant Key Figures

The dashboard combines relevant key figures such as age structure and gender distribution, information on vacant and multiplies occupied positions, FTE, distribution of employees and positions per structural level, and the length of service of employees.

Ingentis org.manager Extension HR Insights Board
Ingentis org.manager Extension HR Insights Board Sunburst Chart
Quickly Identify Optimization Potential

Individually definable filters highlight organizational units in the company that exceed a certain average age, for example. In this way, undesirable developments can be identified and remedied through countermeasures.

Custom Adaptations

Do you have a specific use case that the extensions cannot cover?
No problem! We also create individual adaptations of the views.

The Advantages of Our Extensions

Your solution is available within a short period

Easy implementation of your solution

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in People and Org Analytics

All org.manager Extensions

In addition to the »HR Insights Board«, org.manager offers other extensions that cover the most typical and essential needs of HR and organizational development teams. All our extensions are based on years of experience and best practices from working with companies of all sizes and industries.

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