Analysis of Central HR Key Figures From the Past and Future

Our browser-based extension »HR Trends Board« enables HR and organizational development to look at the development of key employee and organizational indicators over time.

In concrete terms, this means that their development over the past months and years can also be displayed in addition to the current data. Predicting the likely outcome of the corresponding key figures for the coming months is also possible. This way, undesirable trends in areas such as fluctuation, demographics, or staffing requirements can be identified early and remedied by countermeasures. At the same time, the retrospective view helps identify whether decisions and measures were effective and successfully implemented.

Overview of the »HR Trends Board«

Presentation of current key figures for HR and organizational development

Development of the last months and years, as well as foresight for early trend detection

Export of object lists in CSV or XLS format for later editing

Dashboards show critical figure development, headcount/FTE, workforce distribution, and mobility

Screenshots of the »HR Trends Board«

The following screenshots provide a first impression of our »HR Trends Board« extension.

Time Course Related Key Figure Analysis and Trending

The »HR Trends Board« allows us to analyze the last months’ HR key figures and look at the expected future development. In this way, negative trends in areas such as fluctuation, demographics, or staffing can be identified quickly and remedied by countermeasures.

Ingentis org.manager Extension HR Trends Board KPI Development
Ingentis org.manager Extension HR Trends Board KPI Development
Four Comprehensive Dashboards

Our extension consists of four dashboards that present key figures and trends on age groups and gender distribution, information on employee turnover within the company, visualizations of workforce distribution and employee numbers developments, and a determination of turnover risks.

Custom Adaptations

Do you have a specific use case that the extensions cannot cover?
No problem! We also create individual adaptations of the views.

The Advantages of Our Extensions

Your solution is available within a short period

Easy implementation of your solution

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in People and Org Analytics

All org.manager Extensions

In addition to the »HR Trends Board«, org.manager offers other extensions that cover the most typical and essential needs of HR and organizational development teams. All our extensions are based on years of experience and best practices from working with companies of all sizes and industries.

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