Simulate Structural Changes and their Effects in Advance

Our browser-based extension »OrgDesigner« enables organizational development and HR to carry out upcoming reorganizations more efficiently. Based on the current organizational structure, various what-if scenarios can be created in which the planned changes – including their effects – are simulated in advance. It does not matter whether objects are to be deleted, added, changed, or moved via drag-and-drop.

By updating the key figures and structures contained in the organization chart, »OrgDesigner« provides a sound basis for deciding on the actual implementation of new organizational setups.

Overview of the »OrgDesigner«

More efficient reorgs for organizational development and HR

Impact of simulation on crucial figures and structures with one click

Simultaneous processing of a simulation by several users

Linking the simulation with daily updated HR data

Export and print the modified structure as PNG or PDF

Comparison of original and simulated values in CSV format

Screenshots of the »OrgDesigner«

The following screenshots provide a first impression of our »OrgDesigner« extension.

Simulate Easily and Safely

With »OrgDesigner« restructuring can be simulated using drag-and-drop. Configurable access protection provides increased security as required. Each simulation created can be restricted to specific users.

Ingentis org.manager Extension OrgDesigner Simulation
Ingentis org.manager Extension OrgDesigner Color Coding
Color System for Change Tracking

The color system dynamically highlights moved, changed, new, or delimited objects and HR-relevant constellations, such as vacant or multiplied occupied positions and top positions with multiple assignments.

Custom Adaptations

Do you have a specific use case that the extensions cannot cover?
No problem! We also create individual adaptations of the views.

The Advantages of Our Extensions

Your solution is available within a short period

Easy implementation of your solution

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in People and Org Analytics

All org.manager Extensions

In addition to the »OrgDesigner«, org.manager offers other extensions that cover the most typical and essential needs of HR and organizational development teams. All our extensions are based on years of experience and best practices from working with companies of all sizes and industries.

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