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Cloud-based creation of org charts and easy workforce modeling

orginio is an easy-to-use cloud application for the automated creation of org charts. It is focused on the requirements of small- and medium-sized companies. Structures can easily be built and updated by uploading data from Excel or connecting orginio directly to an HR system. It is also possible to start completely from scratch. Additionally, it allows for easy workforce modeling via drag-and-drop based on the current organizational structure.

See how orginio can save you time and effort.

Corporate organizational charts built with orginio

Our cloud-based software orginio comes with features that are focused on the requirements of small- and medium-sized companies. It offers a basic framework for your org chart but also lets you apply your own corporate design and upload your company logo.

The application is able to show key metrics (e.g. span of control or headcount) along the organizational structure. By defining custom display rules important aspects can be highlighted, which is particularly useful for HR managers or executives.

Cloud-based org charting with orginio

The org chart can be provided to all employees, for instance via the intranet, offering easy navigation throughout the structure. The search function allows everyone to quickly find the information needed. Additionally, org chart views can be printed or shared with colleagues via individual entry links.

Easy workforce modeling

Simulations and Reorganizations with orginio - Org charting in the Cloud

Besides the automated visualization of organizational structures, orginio also enables the creation of what-if scenarios and the option to perform reorganizations in a sandbox environment. Objects can easily be edited, added, or deleted and moved via drag-and-drop. Key metrics affected by the modifications are automatically updated in real-time.

Modeling charts can also be shared with colleagues or executives to collaborate on reorganization projects and discuss potential outcomes of restructurings. HR data and the original org chart will not be changed during the process.

Ingentis org.manager interface

Decentralized structures within the central organizational chart

Information maintained in orginio can quickly and easily be transmitted to Ingentis org.manager via a powerful interface. With just a few clicks, you can expand the data from your central HR system with structures from orginio. This way, your group or company organizational chart is complete and up-to-date at all times.

orginio Partners

Find orginio on the ADP marketplace

Launch orginio in the ADP Marketplace and easily create org charts with data from ADP Workforce Now and ADP Vantage HCM.

Find orginio on bamboo Marketplace

orginio can be connected to BambooHR to automatically retrieve data from there. It can also be found on BambooHR Marketplace.

Find orginio on the Deltek Marketplace

orginio is available on the Deltek Partner and Product Marketplace. Synchronize data from different Deltek solutions, e.g. Costpoint.

Connect orginio with HRworks

orginio offers an interface to HRworks allowing for the automated import of HR data and visualization of organizational structures.


orginio can be connected to Personio via an interface to pull data directly from there. It can also be found on the Personio Marketplace.

Connect orginio with UKG solutions

orginio can be seamlessly connected to UKG Pro, UKG Ready, and UKG Dimensions. It is available on the UKG Marketplace.

High data security and availability with orginio

The data uploaded to orginio is securely and reliably stored in certified data centers.
You decide whether this should be a European or US based data center.

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