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Merck has the right tool for transparent structures

Ingentis Success Story



Goals and requirements

  • Provision of a replacement for the ineffective manual organizational chart creation process using MS PowerPoint
  • Fully automated creation of organizational charts from within SAP
  • Up-to-date and accurate organizational charts
  • Organizational chart publication in the Intranet for staff in 60 countries worldwide

Convincing results

  • Fully automated data transfer from SAP HCM
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Fully automated creation of up-to-date organizational charts
  • Access to organizational charts across the company
  • Comprehensive search features in the Intranet
  • Presentation of professional responsibilities across company boundaries
  • Transparency enhancements in the corporation
  • Measurable efficiency improvements
  • High acceptance levels with the staff

Manual creation of organizational charts for the entire company with more than 8,000 staff in the top levels of the hierarchy in MS PowerPoint used to be time-consuming and ineffective at Merck KGaA. Despite the significant effort, this process did not result in appropriate results in terms of up-to-date display, accuracy and availability of the organizational charts for all staff in the company.

Resulting from the implementation of Ingentis org.manager, Merck is now capable of creating up-to-date organizational charts that are accurate down to the last level for more than 33,000 staff in all entities in 60 countries worldwide, and they can then publish them in the local Intranet on a daily basis. Due to the seamless integration of Ingentis org.manager in the SAP system environment, the entire process is fully automated and requires no manual intervention.

Using Ingentis org.manager, it has not only been possible to reduce the internal process costs, but it has also facilitated significant transparency improvements in the global organization. And Merck has achieved this solely by using the ‘right aid’ for transparent structures.

(figures from time of implementation)

The company Merck

Merck was founded in Darmstadt by Friedrich Jacob Merck in 1668; thus it is the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world. Today, the Merck Corporation consists of 120 branches that are distributed over more than 60 countries globally. In total, Merck has 33,000 employees worldwide who generate a revenue of more than 7 billion Euros in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

The challenge

“Replacing the inefficient manual creation process while at the same time improving the quality by enhanced up-to-dateness and accuracy of the organizational charts” was the requirement defined by Tobias Schellhaas for the new organizational chart creation process.

The old and time-consuming process was to manually create the organizational charts in MS PowerPoint and to publish them as JPG charts on a monthly basis in the Intranet. In this process, the level of accuracy was limited, for example, to the display of the sector’s main department level with little information such as department and person names.

“In addition to the requirement of enhanced up-to-dateness and accuracy of the organizational charts, the new solution was of course required to seamlessly integrate in our existing SAP system”, Tobias Schellhaas describes the requirements.

The solution

Upon defining the requirements for the future process followed an extensive evaluation of the automatic organizational chart creation solutions available on the market. “Functionality, high flexibility in the design of the organizational chart layout design and seamless integration in our SAP system environment were the decisive factors in the selection of the appropriate software”, Tobias Schellhaas explains. Finally, Ingentis org.manager turned out to be the solution of choice in all respects, but it was “especially the perfect SAP integration and the easy-to-use approach that made the difference in favor of Merck‘s purchase of Ingentis org.manager.”

Due to the seamless SAP integration, it was possible to perform the implementation in a very short time. It did not take more than a few hours until the first organizational charts could be created in SAP HCM in a fully automated fashion.

Today, it is not just the automatically created organizational charts for the more than 9000 employees at Merck KGaA that are published on the Intranet on a daily basis, but also the organizational charts for 24,000 more staff in various regional branches worldwide. The divisional organizational structure of the Merck corporation meant that one requirement was added: “The ability to visualize professional responsibilities across organizational charts and entities was another critical requirement that is perfectly met using Ingentis org. manager”, Tobias Schellhaas explains.

The organizational charts are published globally and in various local versions that are linked and can be accessed via the HR Reporting Portal in the Intranet by staff on a worldwide basis.

The successes achieved so far, the measurable efficiency enhancements and the significant acceptance levels of the solution with all staff are an indication of what is yet to come. Making full use of the comprehensive controlling and simulation features of Ingentis org.manager is one of the next steps. “In the future, we plan to embed the tool in our staff planning processes and in restructuring projects while making extensive use of the multiple simulation features”, Tobias Schellhaas describes their exiting future plans involving Ingentis org.manager.

Merck has the right tool for transparent structures

Product: org.manager

Data source: SAP HCM


“Ingentis org.manager’s seamless SAP integration and the easy-to-use approach is absolutely unrivalled!”
Tobias Schellhaas, Corporate HR