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Transparent structures at the Rewe group

Ingentis Success Story



Goals and requirements

  • Transparency in an organization with more than 270,000 employees in 12,000 locations (at time of implementation)
  • Fully-automated organizational chart creation requiring no manual interference
  • SAP HR data usage
  • Daily-updated organization publication in the intranet
  • Uniform layout according to the corporate design guidelines

Convincing results

  • Implementation within a few hours
  • Fully automated data transfer from SAP
  • Organizational chart creation by pressing a button
  • Worldwide access to daily updated organizational charts in the REWE InfoNet intranet
  • Corporate design application
  • Quick and smooth implementation of REWE-specific requirements

“Transparency” and “Overview” – these are requirements that evolve to real challenges if they are to be met in a multi-national corporate structure involving more than 270,000 employees in 12,000 locations.
Finally, the REWE Group decided to face these challenges by introducing Ingentis org.manager following the successful implementation of SAP. All employees, from the board of directors to the local employees, were to be granted access to the current organizational structure overview at all times. Of course, organizational chart creation should be possible without requiring manual efforts. Now,organizational charts are not only created automatically by simply pressing a button but employees worldwide can access daily updated organizational charts structured according to uniform corporate design guidelines.

The Rewe Group

Founded in 1927, the REWE Group is a market-leading European retail and tourism corporation with sales figures around 43.5 billions, 270,000 employees and more than 12,000 locations in Germany and 13 more countries. In Germany, the REWE group has 184,000 employees who generate sales of approximately 31 billion Euros in 8,900 outlets ranging from supermarkets (REWE), discounters (Penny) and self-sevice department stores (toom) to specialinterest stores (toom BauMarkt, ProMarkt) and travel agecies (Atlas, DER, Derpart).
Further internationalization efforts focus mainly on the emerging markets in Eastern Europe.

(facts and figures reflect the time of implementation)


The challenge

“To provide an up-to-date and easy-toaccess overview of all corporate areas and organizational structures, from the board of directors to the employee at the local site.” This is how the REWE Group SAP project team described their requirements concerning a tool used to provide a graphical display of the organizational structures.

Also, it should be possible to access this information via the corporate intranet and to use a uniform corporate design for the information. “The SAP-specific default graphical user interface was not comprehensive enough and the organizational charts could not be output in the desired format,” explains Ralf Hinkenjann, IT expert in the REWE Group SAP project team.

In addition, the timeconsuming legacy process of manually creating organizational charts should be replaced. “For organizational data maintenance, there was an employee in each location who was responsible for the creation of organizational charts. Thus, the process of updating the entire organizational structure could easily take a few weeks.”

The solution

Ralf Hinkenjann and his team identified and evaluated all software solutions available on the market. “Seamless SAP integration, easy operability, intranet capability and the price/performance ratio of the solution” convinced them to decide on Ingentis org.manager.

“Due to the true plug-and-play capability of Ingentis org.manager allowing for easy SAP integration, implementation actually did not take more than a few hours.” Ralf Hinkenjann reports with enthusiasm. The SAP functional module that is part of the product enables smooth and fully-automated data transfer from the SAP system.

By using direct integration into the SAP system, the time-consuming and redundant data maintenance and the efforts required for manual organizational chart creation are no longer necessary. Ingentis org.manager uses the existing SAP HR information to create the desired organizational charts on pressing a button. “Using Ingentis org.manager has enabled us to achieve a significant workload reduction at our locations, thus enhancing our efficiency considerably,” explains Ralf Hinkenjann.

No limitations were given for the organizational chart layout. Organizational chart publication is done via the REWE Group corporate Intranet using the corporate design guidelines. Using this system, all employees can  permanently access up-to-date organizational charts in a uniform layout.

Additionally, many individual requirements that are specific to the REWE Group were addressed and met. “Ingentis enabled us to implement these specific requirements quite quickly and smoothly; the Ingentis team was always available to us for advice and help” Ralf Hinkenjann comments on the collaboration with Ingentis. “That enabled us to create a tool to image our corporate structures in a generally optimized way and according to our individual requirements.”

Ingentis org.manager Success Story Rewe

Product: org.manager

Data source: SAP HCM


“Due to the plug-and-play functionality, implementation did not take longer than just a few hours!”
Ralf Hinkenjann, REWE Group IT expert