Fully Automated Org Charts for Every Need

org.manager is available in Essential, Advanced, and Premium versions. They cover all basic requirements for org chart creation.

What Are The Differences Between The Versions?

Each version of org.manager is tailored to cover the different needs for automated org chart creation and data visualization. Here we summarize the main differences.


Ingentis org.manager Version EssentialIngentis org.manager Essential
This version provides up-to-the-minute, browser-based org charts from one of the common data sources. The objects are displayed with a picture and job description. A hierarchy tree and detailed search facilitate navigation. The version is available in German, English, or in the language of your choice.


Ingentis org.manager Version AdvancedIngentis org.manager Advanced
The Advanced version includes all the functions of Essential. In addition, it is equipped with visualization rules, for example, to highlight vacancies. Additional benefits of Advanced: The version enables data merges from additional sources, can manipulate data for structural cleansing, and has a batch printing function.


Ingentis org.manager Version PremiumIngentis org.manager Premium
The Premium version includes all functions of Advanced. The version can also perform initial, rough analyses by displaying and calculating HR key figures such as FTEs per department. Additional Premium functions include a PowerPoint export for subsequent editing of the organizational chart and a configurable data export as a CSV/Excel file.

The Extensions of org.manager

Are you looking for more advanced visualization and analysis of your HR data? In addition to the versions, org.manager also offers you preconfigured extensions that serve specific and important needs of HR and organizational development teams as well as executives.

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