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Org charting with Ingentis org.manager

Welcome to the org charting and HR add-on experts!

We provide outstanding org chart software and HR add-ons to facilitate HR processes, hence enabling you to invest more of your time in other essential tasks.

Ingentis is the software house for HR add-ons and business applications. Our main product is the org chart creator Ingentis org.manager which generates custom org charts within minutes.

Ingentis was established in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1997. Today, we serve our customers spread across the globe with the support of a strong network of partners and advisors. In addition, our subsidiary Ingentis Inc., located in California, USA, looks after our clients and partners in North America. Our mission is to provide clients with outstanding software so that more time can be allocated to essential business. Currently, more than 1.700 renowned customers worldwide count on software developed by Ingentis.


Ingentis org.manager® Suite: Organization chart creation

Our org.manager Suite products enable the automated creation of custom organizational charts. A comprehensive feature set, including HR analytics, reorg simulation, workforce planning and big data visualization, makes it a genuine productivity enhancer.

Icon Ingentis org.manager on-premises


On-premises org charts from any kind of data source

org.manager interfaces with any HR system or data source and creates custom organizational charts fully automated. The software enables visual HR controlling and comes with a simulation feature for modeling and scenario planning.

Icon Ingentis org.manger web for SF

org.manager [web] for SF

Cloud-based org charts from SAP SuccessFactors™

org.manager [web] for SF is a certified extension built on SAP Cloud Platform to generate custom organizational charts from SAP SuccessFactors in real time. Reorganizations are easily performed via drag and drop.

orginio: Cloud-based org charting

orginio is an easy to use cloud application with a flexible licensing program for small- and medium-sized companies.

Icon orginio


Organizational charts can be created with minimum effort from scratch or based on existing data and simulations of structural changes can be run via simple drag & drop. The structures built in orginio can then be integrated into your central Ingentis org.manager organizational chart.

Ingentis distribution.list and Ingentis easy.pes:

Dynamic E-Mail distribution groups and assessment center planning

Our on-premises solutions to manage intelligent E-mail distribution lists throughout an organization and to plan and evaluate assessment centers and personnel development seminars.

Icon Ingentis distribution.list


Manages the creation and maintenance of dynamic distribution groups and keeps leading systems such as Active Directory updated.

Icon Ingentis easy.pes


Facilitates the process of planning and evaluating assessment centers and personnel development seminars.

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