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Ingentis org.manager® Suite
Organization Chart Software

Ingentis org.manager® Suite
Organization Chart Software

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Create org charts that are customizable and full of valuable insights

With the Ingentis org.manager Suite, we offer org charting solutions that will not only help you create org charts of your company or team structures but it will enable you to draw invaluable insights from your HR data. 

Thanks to our org charting software, there are no limits to your creativity regarding design, layout, or content when visualizing your workforce. Whether kept simple for a quick hierarchy structure overview or more complex with key performance figures of your company, the Ingentis org.manager solutions make it happen. Be prepared for awesome people analytics reports, Big Data graphs and easy reorg simulations.

No matter the data source – we have the right org charting software for you!

At the moment, the software suite consists of Ingentis org.manager and Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors. The main difference is the source from which the respective org chart creator is to draw the data to start visualizing, e.g. HRM system, flat file etc. See the description below to choose the right solution for you!

Org charts from any data source


Org charts from any kind of data source

The organization chart maker org.manager creates custom org charts fully-automated and enables visual HR controlling. It interfaces with any HR system, flat file, active directory, or data base. A simulation feature for modeling and scenario planning is also available.

Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF: Cloud-basierte Organigramme aus SAP SuccessFactors

org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors

Cloud-based org charts from SAP SuccessFactors™

The organization chart software Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors creates custom organograms from SAP SuccessFactors™. The certified extension built on SAP Business Technology Platform allows for reorganizations via drag and drop.

Customizable org chart design

This is how your org charts can look like with the Ingentis org.manager Suite

Organograms designed with a solution out of the Ingentis org.manager Suite are customizable. This not only refers to corporate design features such as color or logo integration but also includes various structure types, reporting paths, profile pictures and more. Here are some examples of how org chart design by Ingentis org.manager can look like. Feel free to click through them. In addition, you can access our demo perspectives for a live org.manager experience.

What is possible with our organizational chart creator?

Ingentis org.manager features in a nutshell

Org chart creation by Ingentis org.manager comes with a great set of features and add-ons to meet all kinds of customer needs. Here’s a quick overview.

Compatible with various data sources


Custom design

HR controlling & Big Data

Reorganizations and org modeling


Flexible visualization of structures

Responsive display options

Print & export


Adjustable search functionality


User-specific access

Experiencing our organizational chart maker:
org.manager User Success Stories

More than 1,500 customers world-wide are using an org chart maker by Ingentis. These include public organizations, small and medium-sized businesses as well as international groups and enterprises in sectors such as Industry and Automotive, Energy, Retail, Service, Finance, and the public sector. Read the following success stories to learn more about their user experience with our org chart software.

A clear organization structure at Maersk

A clear organization structure at Maersk

ORG CHARTING: The Maersk HR department chose org.manager to bring enormous data volumes into an organizational structure and for efficient personnel controlling procedures. Read full success story

Creating a flexible HR dashboard at Hutt City Council

Creating a flexible HR dashboard at Hutt City Council

HR DASHBOARD: With the need to combine extensive HR information in one system, New Zealand’s Hutt City Council turned to Ingentis org.manager to visualize the contact details of its 450 employees, together with the organizational charts and floor plans in one HR dashboard. Read full success story

The Vancouver PD’s way to perfect org charts

The Vancouver PD’s way to perfect org charts

ACCESS PROTECTION: With org.manager, the Vancouver Police Department found the right software for access protected org charts based on SAP HCM data. Read full success story

Personnel controlling at the city of Mannheim

Personnel controlling at the city of Mannheim

HR CONTROLLING: Powered by org.manager, the city of Mannheim combines automated org charts with the visualization of KPIs for efficient HR controlling. Read full success story

Why org charting?

Humans are visual beings.
80% of all information the human brain processes are delivered by the visual sense.

That’s why we believe that the quickest way to understand complex HR and workforce data is to visualize it.
Check out how our software for org charts saves you time and effort.

How HR departments use org charts

  • Quick visualization of company data and employee lists
  • Talent management, succession planning
  • Workforce planning
  • Reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions

How all employees benefit from org charts

  • Who is who system
  • Reliable organizational charts
  • Search, print and export functions

How org charts help the management make informed decisions

  • Reliable HR metrics (headcount, absence, span of control) at a glance
  • Key performance indicators point out trends

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See how visualizing hierarchy structures with Ingentis org.manager and Ingentis org.manager for SAP SuccessFactors can save you time.

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Is there an easy way to keep org charts up-to-date? Within minutes? Without investing too much effort? Three times YES!!! Just check out our org charting tool Ingentis org.manager!

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